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Gym Equipment

Gym-Equip up to 70 % OFF

Why Pay new price for Equipment made in China ?

  • When re-manufactured USA or Australian 70's,80's &90's
    Equipment was ,and still is the best ever made

  • up to 70% off NEW with same warrenty from 100% Auzzie company

Sample of Corporate Gym Set up in Brisbane City
by Graham Healy

samples of Nautilus Gym Equipment and various other brands set up by Graham Healy in Personal (Professional) Home Gyms and Personal Training Studio's tailored to the complete Healy's Health Nautilus High Intensity system with Lower back care systems incorporated 

Gym Equipment displayed here was available at the time of purchase , each new purchase and deal organized by Graham Healy will be subject to the available equipment and the refinement of our lists and available client budget according to
MOU detailed on previous page 

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