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Safety First Safety Last

Healy's "SKILLS & DRILLS" Self-Defence Video's

Healys freestyle Tae Kwon Do and Boxing Academy
Integrated Combat Solutions By Graham Healy
21st June 2014 (sample of Teaching of Skills and Drills

Straight Left punch followed be half turning kick (skills & Drills) by Graham Healy

 Left & Right Cross followed by half turning Kick
Workshop 21 June 2014 by Graham Healy

More Skills & Drills by Graham Healy
(3 straight Lefts followed by half turning Kick)

Healy's freestyle TKD & Boxing Straight left .
You will never beat a properly executed STRAIGHT POWER LEFT
As my Grandfather said three best punches in the book st.left,st.left and st.left Graham Healyme Gh

(Skills & Drills) Back Kick counter to Right Cross, Low 1/2 Turning Kick followed by Back Kick and WHY you DONT over-compensate by 'uncontrolled' turn/spin

Healy's freestyle TKD & Boxing Skills & Drills Overview
By Graham Healy & senior Students

Straight Left ,Right Cross,Left Rip,Left Hook (Skills and Drills by Graham Healy)
BOXING BASICS , this move is used on the opponents 'blind side' the Healy's RIP is a straight rip..straight into floating rib  (not an upper cut) the Healy's left Hook is only a 15% angle (not 45% angle that you see most do..Why ? too easy to counter attack with a straight punch.
My Grandfather used to teach the 'Straight in Rip' and I saw many a fights DROP TO THEIR KNEES unable to continue after the 'floating rib' was struck .Kostya Tszu was a master of this punch and used it to KO Zab Juda (although that was a slight variation) gh

Healy's freestyle TKD & Boxing Skills & Drills
Left Right Rip Hook
By Graham Healy & senior Students

Healy's freestyle TKD & Boxing Skills & Drills
Kickink Drills plus some basic self dense

By Graham Healy & Allan Healy

Healy's freestyle TKD & Boxing Skills & Drills
Robert Phillips & Graham Healy
Spinning Heel power Kicks
22Nov 2014 Workshop

More to Come Gh

I will post the miscellaneous self-defence video's here ,most are embeded in the various pages on this web site, I have that many on utube that I have to 'filter them' and pick the highlights so that you the viewer can just see those (that I consider) the most relevant and important, sometime I do some humerous takes etc. as the availability of the internet media has now given 'power back to the people' rather then the 'corporates' , I believe that this is a great tool for the hard working self-defence Instructors that have been too busy over the years by simply 'training hard' now we have the opportunity to teach others through technology like we have never been able to do before in history. GH

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