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Olympic Weightlifting & Core Strength 

Olympic Weighlifting Basics 

  • True Core Strength 

  • submaximal fundementals good for everybody

  • Learn from a former competitive weighlifter


Within these DVD's and the (e) Learning modules I have overviewed in detail 'HOW TO EXECUTE' the listed Gym Exercises & basic Stretching the Healy's way based on 40 years Experience . The theme of "TENSION OVER TIME" is the key to all weights training as your muscles actually read it this way on the electrical impulses and feed back system through the nerve ending connecting from the Brain to the muscle spindles. the Methodology of Healy's Health is scientifically sound and "Experience" tested .
                                                                                                                                                    Yours in Health Graham Healy 

Healy's Complete system of weights training with the correct techniques and the majority of core exercises demonstrated by Graham Healy and how to exectute the 'Tension over Time' methodology .

Learn More by our (e) Learning portal
be mentored by Graham Healy personally ,
this is an excellent back up reference source includes:
       DVD 1 Includes:

  • General Introduction

  • back pain overview

  • leg Extensions

  • leg curl

  • Squats(how to do correctly body weight only technique)

  • Lunging (Done correctly)

  • Squat (with weights applied)

  • dead lift (shin to thigh)
    DVD 2 includes:

  • Stift legged deadlifts (Legs slightly bent)

  • Olympic power Cleans

  • Power upright rows

  • Adominal Exercises 

  • Chest Press machine (Cal Gym)

  • lat pull Downs 

  • Biceps & triceps 

  • General Stretching and Conditioning 


The Healy' System is a complete system 'within itself' the 'wait is over' the confusion is 'clarified' the 'Back to Basics' Keys are explained clearly here. 

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