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Graham Healy Amino Acids the pathway to Total Health

I have added this page as an information resourse , technical information on the ingredience of the supplements we use
and WHY.

It is important at Healy's Health to understand WHY ?
we indorce and use certain supplements .

After 30+ years experience we have heard all the
'sales Hype' and the deception of marketing companies
and the associated B.S.

Healy's are only interested in what really works and has stood the test of time and there are only a basic few that have, in this page we give you a deeper knowledge that the 'informed choice' you make at Healy's Supplements is an
Educated one based on our reference points with time tested INTEGRITY. 

Graham Healy's reference letters from some of the longest standing supplement compainies in Australia, relationships build over 30 years
of helping clients with the 'right advise' on nutrition and supplements.

This Section is a Brief overview of the HEALY'S HEALTH URBAN MUSCLE functional Range and HOW they work and WHEN to use them
Detailed analysis of the individual components of each supplement ingredient are listed in the section further below with reference books listed below.
Because URBAN MUSCLE supplement packages are, we believe, are perfect in every respect of dosage,quality of ingredience and quality control, and certified by the Australian Government peak body the
Therapeutic Good Administration TGA  .

We have added foot notes
to the supplement descriptions and EXPANDED upon the extra benefits of our supplements referencing the books written by Professor Barrie Finnin and Richard A Passwater and Bill Phillips (refer bottom of page).

In the Light of Illegal Drugs scandals in Australian
 In Football codes as recently as September 2013 it amazes us here at Healy's Health as to why there is such an ignorant recourse to illegal substances both in body-building and Sports codes by persons who have little of no knowledge and lead other 'innocent' parties astray.
when we have the
WORLDS BEST LEGALLY SAFE SPORTS SUPPLEMENTS made right here in Brisbane Australia.

I, (Graham Healy) founder of Healy's Health,
Challenge any Football Code, Athlete or Body-builder

to see the dramatic difference in recovery, sports performance and explosive power all done naturally and legally .


Australia Sports Anti-doping Authority Video on Supplements 

 Video overview on Healys Health Urban Muscle supplements by Graham Healy  

Graham Healy Amino Acids the pathway to Total Health

Compare the Quanity of the actual ingredients in our product with any competitors 


I have added this page in to HIGHLIGHT some of The Benefits and Features of Healys Health Urban Muscle Supplements with some more DEPTH and DETAIL on Ingredients 
Graham Healy

Advanced (Next Gen)Creatine DOES NOT require Sugar to LOAD
Taurine Lower Cholestrol EYE & BRAIN HEALTH

Platinum L-Citrulline Malate is
100% pure premium
grade L-Citrulline Malate. 

Citrulline Malate is a powerful Nitric Oxide Booster which is a vasio dilator which increases blood flow to the muscles
during exercise.

It also reduces lactic acid and ammonia from your system as well as supporting ATP
energy production.


Supplementing with Beta-Alanine will increase carnosine production in your body and allow you to prolong your resistance training sets.
You may feel a tingling sensation, called parasthesia, when consuming beta-alanine.
But fear not; this is a harmless side effect that you can minimize by spreading out your beta-alanine consumption into several small dosages during the day.

Taurine and the brain, Taurine acts as a neurotransmitter in some areas of the brain, where it is the second most abundant amino acid. It has been used to treat some forms of epilepsy by controlling seizure outbursts. 
It concentrates in the Hippocampus and can assist memory. It may have a role in treating anxiety and Attention Deficit Disorder.

 Platinum Tri-Creatine Malate is
100%pure Tri-Creatine Malate.
Creatine is well known to trainees, who have used it for its performance enhancing abilities for more than 15 years.
The recent Tri-Creatine Malate version, bonds 3 molecules of Creatine to 1 molecule of the high energy organic acid, Malic Acid - yielding a product with a reputation for superior absorption and lack of side effects.
Creatine is most often taken before training by power athletes and bodybuilders to increase ATP, 

* The main role of Di-Arginine Malate is to help you maintain the correct amount of nitrogen in your muscles. By taking asupplement form of Di-Arginine Malate, the overall amount of nitric oxide in the body can be increased, and help build muscle mass.. 

What are Amino Acids ?
Graham Healy Amino Acids the pathway to Total Health
Amino Acids & Supplements Flow Chart

               *  Creatine HCl Hydrochloride 

  • Creatine HCl is primarily marketed as a more soluble form of creatine than creatine monohydrate

  • Creatine HCl may be ideal for individuals who tend to experience negative side effects with creatine monohydrate

  • Because of its enhanced solubility, users can take less creatine HCl than when using creatine monohydrate

  • No loading phase is required when using creatine HCl


Platinum AAKG - 100% Pure Premium Grade
Arginine Alphaketoglutarate

Used as a powerful vaso dialator (nitric oxide booster).

Urban Muscle's Platinum AAKG uses only the highest quality Arginine Alphaketoglutarate. THis ensures the best possible results

*Glysine HCL (Hydrochloride)
Primarily used 
her as an ACID BUFFER

but had many other benifical uses like:
*pre-curser to Creatine
*treats Schizophernia
*detoxification of Liver
referDr.Barrie Finnin 
"Essential Guide to Amino Acids"

Your Health is Your Greatest Asset
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