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Healy’s Tae Kwon Do 
and Basic Kick Boxing Courses

As Professional Martial arts Instructor Graham Healy has broken the system down to two areas as far as ‘kicking’ skills and drills is concerned.

  Tae Kwon do kicks :

   Graham Healy has trained under two of the first generation TKD Masters
   and spent 15 years with these Masters (refer Graham Healy's History here)
   out of this he has extracted the ‘essence’ of TKD Kicking.

  • Front kicks

  • Side kicks

  • Back kicks

  • ½ turning kicks

  • Full turning kicks

  • Spinning heal kicks

  • Twisting kicks

  • Vertical kicks

  • Crescent kicks 

  • Jumping versions of all of the above 
    Tae kwon Do is really a combination of dynamic kicks and the ‘kicking skills and drills’ are really
    an ‘art’ within themselves.
    Now add Healy’s boxing skills on top of this (adjusted to open hand ‘bare knuckle’ boxing) and
    you start to ‘put together’ a really dynamic and practical form of self defence.Patterns or Tuls are
    not emphasised here, however, there is some use for the patterns or Tuls in teaching co-ordination
    and mental cogitative processes regarding thinking left to right side of the brain.
    The old style TKD patterns were (in my opinion) unnecessarily complicated and in many
    respects ‘not very practical’ although‘ artistically pleasing’ the ‘practical applications’ of many
    techniques were always either ‘unexplained’ or ‘impractical’ in ‘real life’ applications .

    Graham Healy evolved from ITF Tae Kwon Do patterns to Yun Jung Do
    (of which he was a founding Instructor under Grandmaster Young Ku-Yun) 

    The Yun Jung Do patters or Tuls were a simplified version of ITF and in many respects
    ‘more practical’ to a degree, however, still held some of the ‘traditional’ moves .
    Graham Healy found that the essence of Grandmasters Yun’s kicking combinations were
    contained in these patterns
    ,and since GM Yun was formerly the chairman of technique for ITF,
    Graham Healy respects that contribution by GM Yun .
    (refer link history Graham Healy/Gm Yun) 
    Graham Healy still personally practices the YJD patterns ,
    However, does not necessarily teach patterns in general class
    (with the exception of children’s classes).


  • Basic Kick Boxing

  • Graham Healy has been mentored by associate and friend Jason White in the ‘skills & drills’ of ‘kick boxing’.Basic Kick Boxing ‘skills and drills’ are medium range ‘defective tools’ and in Graham Healy’s opinion the ‘fundamental basics’ of ‘kick boxing kicks’ are the ‘same at the hip’ as TKD ‘basic kicks’ well the way we teach then they are anyhow.
    Basic Kick boxing ‘skills and drills’ fit ‘perfectly in with the Healy’s system and have been merged into the system accordingly.Basic kick-boxing Kicks are:

  • Front 'pushing Kick' with Hip thrust

  • ½ turning ‘shin-kick’ (low and high section)

  • Side stepping 90 degree knee kick (target mid section)

  • Inward knee slapping kick (target floating ribs)

  • Jumping in knee kicks 
    So combining the Healy’s Tae kwon do/Yun Jung Do dynamic Kicks with basic Kick boxing gives you the essence of the Healy’s System and the combination of ‘skills and drills’ .
    Now this can be taught as a ‘non contact’ skills and drills’ class , that takes all the fundamental elements of Tae Kwon Do , Yun Jung Do and Kick Boxing  and merges this into a enjoyable class , that is actually teaching the student or client ‘real skills and drills’ of ‘real kicks’ designed by a real martial arts ‘Master’.
    Combine that with the Healy’s boxing ‘skills and drills’ and there you have the basic Healy’s power boxing and kicking class.
    Of course the above basic ‘skills and drills’ can be taken to the next level in self-defence at any time the student wishes to, or simply left at the ‘basic skills and drills level’ of competency .


  • Options:

  • Basic PowerBoxing and Kick boxing cardio class to comply to the Fitness Industry standards

  • As a base for practical self defence in Boxing ,Tae kwon Do, and kick boxing basics

  • Technically correct technique is taught which can be a fundamental base for any advanced level of Boxing, Tae kwon Do kicks and Kick Boxing

  • Entry point of a General Class that may lead the student to advanced levels if they so choose to do so

       May be CEC accredited course (continuing Education Credits)

Graham Healy Demonstrating Jumping back Kick

Graham Healy Demonstrating Jumping side Kick

Graham and Allan Healy Demonstrating
Boxing and Kicking combinations at TV studio

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