Healy’s ‘fast track’ system isn’t a ‘short cut’ system but is like an navigating ‘overview’ of the course material

from a practical stand point .

You can complete this Course like a Personal Training Project with Sessions that Educate you along the way

with our 'fast track study package' as a complementary

addition towards your FITNESS EDUCATION 


Back in the 1970's to late 80's the foundations for Physical Education was Laid 

Contents of: 'The Physical basis of Physical Education and Athletics by Edward L.Fox and Donald K.Mathews'


  1. Introduction to Sports Medicine & Edercise 

  2. Energy Sources

  3. Recovery from Exercise

  4. Measurement of Energy,Work & Power

    Section (2) Neuromuscular Concepts


  5. Skeletal Muscle :Structure & Function

  6. Nervous Control of Muscular Movement

  7. Development of Muscular Strength ,Endurance & Flexibility

    Section (3) Cardiorespiratory Considerations


  8. Pulmonary Ventilation

  9. Gas Exchange & transport

  10. Blood Flow & Gas transport

  11. Cardiorespiratory Control

    Section (4) Physical Training


  12. Methods of Physical Training

  13. Physiological Effects of Physical Training

  14. Exercise & training females

  15. Exercise & Training for Health & Fitness

    Section (5) Enviromental Aspects


  16. Diffusion,Osmosis,& Drowning

  17. Scuba and Performance at Altitude

  18. Heat balance:Prevention of Heat stroke in Athletics

    Section (6) Nutrition & Body Weight Control


  19. Nutrition & Exercise Performance

  20. Exercise ,Body Composition,& weight Control

    Section (7) Special Considerations 


  21. Exercise & Acid-Base Balance

  22. Exercise & the Endocrine System 

  23. Drugs & Ergogenic Aids 


'The Physical Basis of Physical Education and Athletics' 
by Edward L.Fox and Donald K. Mathews
is the MASTER TEXT of universities degree Standard Education 
along with 'Fitness a systematic approach' by Leo Young and Tony Shields(Australia's top sports scientists)

we have dedicated a page on its own to overview the Text Contents as the
SCOPE & DEPTH of TPBOPEAA is the 'bench mark' in university education in Physical Education along with FASA
Graham Healy 

ps the 'depth' of 'knowledge' we believe at Healy's is necessary and our modules and teaching criteria is drawn from both these benchmark texts .

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