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Healy’s Boxing Courses

So you want to Learn How to Box without the Injury or ‘Risk’ of Professional Fighting ? you’ve come to the right place.
Healy’s Boxing courses are for the Fitness enthusiast, who want to learn the techniques of boxing (without the ‘Risk’ or ‘contact’), this way anybody can learn the ‘Skills and Drills’ of Boxing without the contact Risk factors.

Graham Healy comes from a boxing family
His father Bert Healy was Queensland State Champ 1948.|
Graham's Grandfather ran a professional boxing Gym for 60 years , as well as being a professional fighter during the (Tough WW2 era )  .
The problem in the Fitness Industry today is that many are ‘teaching boxing’ and in fact have never boxed at all?
Sticking with Graham Healy’s philosophy of ‘you can’t teach what you can’t do yourself’ is the key here at Healy’s education.

Healy's Comprehensively Detailed
Boxing Syllabus

Risk management ?  

The reality of contact sports to the general population is that Boxing and other contact sports are very ‘high risk’ and therefore there are insurance issues and legal issues with somebody being hurt or ‘hit’, so at Healy’s you can learn the ‘skills and drills’ of professional boxing with ‘no risk’ we do this by a Healy’s family secret called ‘going through the punches’ where you are shown the Professional tips and tricks and combinations that are geared for pure self-defence and fitness only (without physical contact) simply a ‘skills and drills ‘ focus.


Fitness Industry?

The above can be applied to a circuit class or aerobics ‘power boxing class’ and men, women and children can enjoy without the fear or danger of contact or injury.This complies to the Fitness Industry ‘peak body’ standards’ ‘risk management’ and ‘safety’ requirements.

What if I want to learn to really Box beyond the ‘skills and drills’?
Graham Healy is often asked this question and here is the answer, we do have an advanced level of Healy’s boxing, however, the level of sparring is simply ‘light and friendly’ of an intensity level of 2-3 out of 10 (10 being high intensity) .
If a student wishes to become a boxer and compete in ‘actual’ ‘competitive boxing’ then that is out of the scope of Healy’s Boxing as taught at Healy’s Education Academy, however, in saying that, the student will have a very good ‘foundation’ in the Fundamental Basics from Healy’s and as all boxers will tell you that’s where it starts and finishes in the correct teaching of fundamental ‘basics’ , should you wish to take the fundamentals to the ‘competitive’ level.

CEC approved courses ?

Does Healy’s Boxing have Fitness Australia CEC (Continuing Education Credits) points ?
In other words when you do a Healy’s Boxing Course that that adds to your registration points on ongoing fitness education.
This Year 2013 Healy’s Education will register and already meets the ‘safety standards’ of fitness Australia regarding the ‘non physical contact’ policy on the basic ‘skills and drills’ portion of the Healy’s Boxing program.
In fact Graham Healy was one of the very ‘few’ who challenged these issues in the press and media magazines over 10 years ago in the formative years regarding risk management, legalities, and overall policies regarding contact sports along and in association with well known Melbourne barrister William Lye
(in the Lye’s Law series of articles in the national Blitz magazine )

Refer the following magazine articles by Graham Healy in national magazines like Blitz and fitness Australian and Australasian Tae kwon Do (refer Media Releases) 

Refer Graham Healys martial Arts & Boxing History here


Bert Healy’s Boxing story and Graham Healy Time line history


Healys Family Boxing History

Click the above Photo for a Bert Healy Story

Graham and Allan Healy Demonstrating
Boxing and Kicking combinations at TV studio

Micheal and Clint demonstarte

Healy's Boxing 'Skills & Drills'

Mix of Boxing 'skills & drills' by Graham Healy
plus some Kicks 'Skills & Drills'

Healy's Comprehensively Detailed
Boxing Syllabus
(Module 1)

The above PDF file gives you the overview of 

The Healys Boxing Syllabus 
the (e) Tuition Page has the Video breakdowns of individual 'skills & Drills'

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