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Gym Equipment

Gym-Equip up to 70 % OFF

Why Pay new price for Equipment made in China ?

  • When re-manufactured USA or Australian 70's,80's &90's
    Equipment was ,and still is the best ever made

  • up to 70% off NEW with same warrenty from 100% Auzzie company

Why Pay new price for Equipment made in China ?

  • When re-manufactured USA or Australian 70's,80's &90's
    Equipment was ,and still is the best ever made

  • up to 70% off NEW with same warrenty from 100% Aussie company

The TRUTH will set you FREE 

The Truth is this most of the original Brand name Commercial Gym equipment are now manufactured 'under licience' in China by USA companies and Australian Companies . The reason is obvious CHEAP LABOUR COSTS , has that made any difference to the commercial new price ?
And the answers is ABSOLUTELY NOT in fact they cost more then ever ! = More Profit to the Gym Equipment Company out of YOUR POCKET !

Is the Quality the Same ?
Well if you consider cavities in the steel (filled with sand) YES FILLED WITH SAND ! to make the steel 'feel heavy' and welds the 'break loose' after short-term use ,and paint work that rusts or bleeds through(under human sweat conditions) in a very short period of commercial use the same Quality????? 
These are the workshop reports we get from our remaunfactures on this equipment TODAY 2013 .

So Work it out for yourself !
I don't care what the 'Sales rep' says he/she is only after 'the sale' and the commission , most reps have no idea of the manufacturing process, workshop process, or how to
re-build a treadmill from scratch in the re-manufacturing process, in my experience they rarely have any idea of biomechanics of the machines which they are selling or have ever even trained our used the machine themselves.

The Latest treadmill with a Flashy electronic 'touch screen' connected to the internet ? cost of this Unit ? $15,000 Aud to $25,000 Aud , a broken 'touch screen' $5k to replace.
Work it out do you need that expence ? and liability ? do you need to be paying the WORLDS HIGHEST PROFIT MARGINS OUT OF YOUR POCKET ?


The Next ISSUE 
So you think that your Company property clerk is now the EXPERT in purchasing Gym Equipment ? or one of the employees who did a bit of training at the local Gym
and you are going to rely on his or her advise ? as he/she 'rings around' for the so-called best deal (having absolutely NO IDEA of the difference of equipment, Brands, biomechanics, electronics, or the horsepower of the motor running a treadmill, or the difference ?

So your Property Clerk recons he/she's got the best deal (Price wise) and your purchase ,having no idea of whats 'under the bonnet' and the biomechanics? we have confidence in the Warranty ? but have we read all the 'fine print' to discover that some things are not covered 'under warranty' , Thats right we relied on the 'sales rep' for that information ? 


  • Somebody pressed the 'touch screen too hard' its not working-Replacement $5k (not covered by warranty)

  • Engine in treadmill burns out ,suddenly you discover its a 1/2 horsepower motor (that wouldn't run your vacume cleaner) (also not covered by warranty)

  • A staff member is complaining of 'knee problems' on a leg extension machine ? the exercise physiologist tells you that its the wrong biomechanics causing it.

  • Nobody understands how to operate the machines properly or there is no overall systematic approach to the whole gym set up , because the focus was on simply just buying some cheap gym equipment based on no systematic design knowledge whatso-ever and no overall approach (a complete waste of money )

  • problem in the circuit board on another treadmill ? cant be replaced with 'a part' we have to get another whole console another $5k (not in the Warranty)

  • THE LIST GOES ON and on and on

  • I can't get the 'sales rep' that we bought this stuff off ? he/she is always unavailable, been put off by the company ? all sounds too familiar in the fitness business.


  • Up to 70% off NEW price on commercial Gym Equipment 

  • warranty on completely re-manufactured Gym Equipment and Treadmills

  • Equipment NOT MADE IN CHINA 

  • Original Equipment made in USA and Australia with USA and Australian manufactured steel 

  • Electronics made in USA and Australia not China 

  • 70's 80's and 90's Gym equipment was made to last a LIFETIME and under the remanufacturing process 
    it is taken right back to the base and all worn part replaced ,motors,electronics,screws bolts,belts, running belts etc


  • FACT you cannot do this to gym equipment made in CHINA because the BASE METAL is not the same quality nor is 
    the underlying paint process , its much like compairing the mecedes cars made in  the 70's,80's and 90's compared with the 'production lines' of today (although Mecedes to my knowledge are still made in Germany)


  • Have a TOTALLY INTEGRATED GYM System designed By Graham Healy , Equipment, training systems,diets,supplements, the whole system including the Gym Equipment.

Ok so I am interested what do I do from here ? I want Graham Healy to take care of me and my needs with the TOTAL PICTURE 

Graham Healy
  1. Work out your Budget spend

  2. Engage Graham Healy as your Professional Consultant

  3. Graham will write a Memo of understanding MOU between You and Him or your Company
    on the terms of Engagement then we can start the porocess 


The Basic Process

Professional fees

These are covered by the MOU , firstly we have to establish your budget framework,needs, and what equipment is available at the time to satisfy these needs, then Graham Healy may have to reasearch and put together the best List available  for your requirements from the current availability of the listed re-manufactured and pre-owned gym equipment , this may require inspection trips to our associate wharehouses in Melbourne Australia to 'hand-pick' the 'required equipment' at the best available price(the quanity and availablility are changing daily).
Also there may be a mix of new equipment such as benches,dumbells,rubber matting etc to add to the mix.

Graham Healys consultation fees   
Graham's hourly rate is $80 aud per hour plus any incidental costs such as airfares(budget) on trips to put together final lists and work out the total package deals on your behalf this will be all fully disclosed in the MOU.(note only active and reasonable time is charged and a full disclosure list is sent to clients,no 'hidden surprises' )

Full Disclosure 
In Our MOU Full disclosure of all consultation fees are listed in this Terms of Engagement you will be informed and well aware of any fees and there will be
NO SURPRISES like there is with other professional organizations.

At the End of the day if your are saving up to 70% on the Gym equipment there is enough room for Graham Healy's consultation fees and you still are a winner as an practical example a deal may be $50,000 aud on new equipment , Graham Healy saves you say $30,000 so revised equipment costs is $20,000 and Graham Healy's fees might be say $10,000 therefore your deal is $30,000 verses $50,000 savings of $20,000 with remanufactured Gym equipment with warranty and the peace of mind that you have SAVED $20,000 on the deal and thats in YOUR POCKET.

The Refined Package Deal

  • Using the above example 

  • Savings $20,000 =40-50% of New Price

  • Graham's fee works out to 20% of New Cost (reasonable)

  • Bottom line is you pay $30,000 instead of $50,000 and therefore save $20,000

Each Package Deal has full disclosure of all costs and fee's and savings ,warranty's, back up service agents etc

Initial Costs ?

After Your Intial FREE Consultation the MOU framework will be designed and sent/emailed to you, upon signing off on that, thereafter charges are progressive as the Package develops, provided the current hourly rate is paid and expences as detailed in the MOU are progressively paid
(on a weekly basis), you can disengage at any time after a certain developement stage is paid for.
In other words we may get to the final deal and you decide to pull out you can, but in doing so you have progressively paid for my time and effort to develop the deal to that point.
There is NO REFUND for my progressive development time ,treat it as a sub-contracting fee or consultation fee .

A Final Payment Invoice will be issued ,secured, and paid for as agreed, once funds are received by Healy's Health the supplyer will be paid and delivery of goods implimented according to the MOU guidelines.


Basic Reason Why YOU need Graham Healy ?

If you think you can negotiate these deals yourself with your contacts then go right ahead be my guest and good luck I wish you well.
But after reading this page and looking at this web site and you may think to your self well, maybe Graham Healy knows what he is talking about and may be able to help me or my business or my firm, well great please contact me below , as I welcome genuine inquiries.

Yours Faithfully ,

Graham Healy
Founder Healy's Healy 1985


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