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Healys Personal Protection System
  •  Long Range ...Tae Kwon-Do Kicks such as side and back

                                kicks and spinning and jumping kicks.

  •  Mid Range.......Boxing Techniques (bare handed) 

  •  Mid to Close.... Kickboxing Techniques

  • Close Range.... Healy's Integrated Combat techniques

Conducted in a Safe Family Atmosphere
Graham's Background History

How are Classes are conducted ?
Graham Healy has the experience and passes the techniques onto YOU and your family in a 'non-threatening' family atmpsphere, a Totally SAFE enviroment.
The Classes are conducted in forms of 'skills & drills' and training principals designed to show you the correct technique ,without using your training partner as 'a punching bag' as so many other systems do.
This way you can learn in a 'non contact' way with your training partner,
while using focus mitts and punching bags for the heavy work (just like a normal kickercise or boxercise aerobics class).
The fact is that the real basics are built upon a foundation of basic repetition training like, Healy's going through the punches(Healy's method of boxing), Tae kwon Do and kick-boxing Kicks,and Healy's Intergrated Combat solutions close quarter self-defence, all conducted in a controlled , safe and friendly enviroment
What about competition ?  
Only a small pecentage of people wish to compete in contact sports,(and sustain the injuries and risks associated with it).
Healy's personal protection does not focus on competition, rather non-contact 'skills and drills' therefore competition is not promoted at Healy's.

We do promote 
A 'Light and friendly' atmosphere without Egotistical mentalities , a learning and teaching enviroment would best describe the classes at Healy's Personal Protection .

Self-Defense it is every persons God given legal right for themselves and familly but Healy's do not promote Violence in any form.
We must look beyound the acts of physical violence and uncover WHY these events happen and take place and not be a contibutor but expand our preventative AWARENESS.
Most True Martial Arts Masters teach 'inner peace' through 'discipline'
and that is the paradox of self-defense training. GH

Healy's System foundational Base will always be Boxing

Click the Above Image to see Grandmaster Yun's background record,
GM Yun was Director of ITF (International Tae Kwon Do Federation) and Chairman of Technique for ITF and the first ITF 8th Dan Master in Australia 'facts' conveniently 'forgotten' about by many 'would be if they could be's'.
Graham Healy has personal references signed by GM Yun as well as 'one

to one' full time training with GM Yun his DNA imprinted on the founding
Instructors of YJD what can't be 'taken away' is a mans 'track record' and 'proven history' my passion for Boxing and Martial Arts still continues as I Evolve my System at 58years of Age GH


Graham Healy

Graham has had wide and varied experience in both Boxing and Tae kwon do. His Grandfather (Bert healy) Senior ran a professional Boxing Gym for 50 years and Grahams Father (Bert) Healy (junior) became Queensland State Champ 1948. Also becoming a respected trainer himself.

Graham’s boxing career was manly as the gym sparring partner for many state champs both amateur and professional .
Graham loved the ‘sharpness’ and ‘training’ and the conditioning’ of boxing but, later turned to Tae kwon do to learn to use his feet as well as his hands.
He did this progressively with two of the FIRST generation Tae Kwon Do Masters .Chong Chul Rhee, then later with Grandmaster Yun Ku Yun.

Graham became one of Grandmaster’s Yun’s professional International instructors traveling to PNG military base in 1993 conducting a self-defence
seminar with the GM Yun.


At the same time Graham owned his own Gym/Health center in Townsville with some 1,500 members .(1976 Graham competed in the Olympic weight lifting state titles).
Graham now runs his own ‘Personal training’ consultancy specializing in weights training , ‘explosive power’ techniques ,Nutritional plans, supplements etc Graham is a specialist in the ‘Healy’s’ 12 week Transformational challenges with Programs that ‘Put it all together’.

Graham is also a Church chairman balancing the ‘mind ,body & spirit’ with a non ‘egotistical’ attitude regarding the teaching of self defence-hence FREE-STYLE Tae Kwon Do.

The Evolution of Healy's Freestyle Tae-Kwon Do and Boxing Academy.

“ I have basically ‘distilled & Refined’ the Healy’s system to produce effective Tae Kwon Do ‘explosive power’ Kicks & Boxing punches in half the time traditional systems take.
In this ‘refinement’ I have developed a truly Australian Style Martial Art ” creative, straight to the point & effective !.
Healy’s freestyle Tae Kwon Do & Boxing Academy has truly ‘absorbed what is useful and disregarded the rest’ in the true legacy of the late and great
Bruce Lee , releasing ourselves from the ‘shackles of tradition’ .

In the words of Miyamoto Musashi Japans greatest Samurai
“However, if we look at things objectively, from the viewpoint of laws of the World, we see various doctrines departing from the true Way, Know well this spirit, and with forthrightness as the foundation and the true Spirit as the way, enact strategy broadly, correctly and openly” (page 95 Book of Five Rings) .

The ‘true spirit’ of Martial Arts has been lost and replaced by the arrogance of Commercial Art ,over inflated Ego’s ,competition and a false sense of victory over others. Healy’s freestyle TKD & Boxing Academy bases its ‘system’ on Integrity and simple ‘Australian ANZAC Mateship’ that ‘endures’ over the passage of time.


Proverbs 11:3 says ‘The Integrity of the upright will guide them’ and that is our simply philosophy ‘keep your heart right with God and man and you will find the ‘true Way’ .

Self-defence is such a paradox the more you learn the more you realize how frail the human anatomy is and that ‘Peace’ and ‘not War’ is the answer. The real struggle is the ‘battle within your inner-self’ and whatever decision you make in life it must be done from a ‘platform of peace in your Heart’ and clarity of Mind.

True strength is in the ‘Spirit man’ and the ‘True way of the warrior’ is forged in the heart of man .

As we journey along in Life be it Martial Arts or simply ‘living’ it’s the ‘Mateship’ that endures the Passage of time and that ‘relationship’ is the glue that ‘holds us all together’.

Our prime Focus at Healy’s is to build enduring relationships and teach others to ‘appreciate each others talents and gifts’ through the discipline and leadership skills developed through ‘true’ Martial Arts training.

Yours in Life,




Graham Healy

8th Dan Chief Instructor and Founder Healy’s freestyle Tae kwon Do & Boxing Academy.

Founder and Creator of ISDA and Healys Health


Here is an over view of the Healy system 

  • Power Patterns

  • Kicks including Jumping Kicks on focus mits 

  • Boxing Light & Friendly 

  • Light & Friendly Choregraphed Sparring


History is made when Graham Healy introduces Grandmaster Yun 8th Dan ITF at the time to North Queensland 1984 almost 30 years ago
I spent a lot of one to one personal time with GM Yun.  

1985 a Robber with a loaded Shot-Gun
Attacks Graham Healy and Makes Front Page News
long time before 'so called' reality based training
I realized the shortcomings in Boxing & TKD and taught myself 'commando techniques' used in this situation successfully this evolved 30 years later to Healy's Integrated Combat Solutions 


< click Image for Story

<<< Left Grandmaster Young Ku Yun .
This is his SIDE PIERCING KICK caught in this RARE footage in the 70's to 80's .
SPEED,POWER,TIMING was the 'ONE HIT STOP' kicks  of GM Yun this is REAL TKD /YJD .
It is important to know who was your Master and who taught YOU .
Master Graham Healy was a full time professional International Instructor personally taught by GM Yun to quote GM Yun.
"Student is REFLECTION of Instructor"

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