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Healy's Health

Professor Barry Finnin

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Professor Barrie Finnin 
Monash University


Healys Compounded Formulas

Our personal philosophy by Graham Healy

Professor Finnin

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Professor Barrie Finnin 
Monash University


Healys Compound formulas Breakdown of ingredients 

Healys Compound Formulas
Arnica Bruising/Osteoarthritis cream
Healys compounding Formulas
Fibroplex Metagenics
Metformin the anti aging drug ?
Tablet with the chemical formula of metf
Healys Brain Power & Total Focus
Berberine, Coscinium fenestratum (Goetgh

Berberine treats Diabetes & Digestive Problems and :
*metabolistic syndrome *diabetes
*G.I.infections *Heart Disease 
*High Cholesterol
*Hypertension(High Blood Pressure)
*Immune Challenges
*joint problems 
*low Bone density 
*weight control
*depression & cognitive decline 

*Potentially formation of cancer cells

Metformin also for cardiovascular disease, Obesity, neurodegenative disorders  

Both Berberine and Metformin are simulators of AMPK activated protein kinase (kinase is an enzyme that catalyzes the transfer of phosphate groups from high energy eg in the ATP chemical reaction = the BODY'S ENERGY MOLECULE )
therfore Berberine and Metforman facilitates that process = EFFICENT ENERGY THAT BURNS  FATS & CARBS therefore those with metabolic syndrome (Sluggish metabolism) as we age and lack of balanced diet & exercise also hormonal down regulation = storage of visceral fats around the vital organs (heart and liver) .

I liken this to using SPARK PLUG CLEANER or FUEL INJECTOR ADDITIVE in your car to increase the performance & efficiency of the motor, in your bodies cells the cells motor is the body's furnace in every human cell called the MITOCHONDRION.
Graham Healy   

AMPK is the Master Regulator of ENERGY METABOLISM

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