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Healy's "SKILLS & DRILLS" Self-Defence Video's

Healy's freestyle TKD & Boxing Skills & Drills
Kickink Drills plus some basic self dense

By Graham Healy & Allan Healy

More to Come Gh

 the best tutorial of
Sifu Paul Vunak Jeetkunedo 
The reason I have added this Video is that upon seeing this posted on my FB I thought this guy is SPOT ON with MANY OF THE CONCLUSIONS
I have personally arrived at through 40 years of training (not following any particular art ) 
but my own conclusions.
Sifu Paul is so insightful

Bruce Lee would be very proud of this young man.
Especially take not of the section on blocking and attacking with ELBOWS & KNEES as apposed to

(for example kick boxers/Tai Boxers conditioning shins on 24/7 hitting banana trees etc....

instead you DO NOT NEED to condition


they can be used effectively


(and who has the time to do 'extreme body conditioning' anyhow).

I had come to this same conclusion many years ago in my own journey .
Thank you Sifu Paul for the confirmation that I'm right on track and thankyou Grandmaster Bruce Lee who started the journey and still lives on in my HEART and all other TRUE FOLLOWERS of martial arts.
Graham Healy 29t h march 2015




More Wisdom from Sifu Paul Vunak
His web site link


I will post the miscellaneous self-defence video's here ,most are embeded in the various pages on this web site, I have that many on utube that I have to 'filter them' and pick the highlights so that you the viewer can just see those (that I consider) the most relevant and important, sometime I do some humerous takes etc. as the availability of the internet media has now given 'power back to the people' rather then the 'corporates' , I believe that this is a great tool for the hard working self-defence Instructors that have been too busy over the years by simply 'training hard' now we have the opportunity to teach others through technology like we have never been able to do before in history. GH

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