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Self-Defense Association

Some History and Key References from Masters and Business associates and students of founder of ISDA Graham Healy

Gen Choi-Yun-opera
Graham Healy Back Kick
Master Yun, Gen Choi,Rhee Ki Ha ,Bernie Korent
Paul McPhail-Twistkick
Graham Healy Peter Wong

When I joined Tae Kwon Do back in the late 1970,1980's my quest was for some philosophical value 

and after almost 40 years now in various disciplines, I always reflect on the core values of the original Tae Kwon Do hand written by General Choi Hong Hi  

  • Courtesy

  • Integrity 

  • Perserverence

  • Self-Control

  • Indomitable Spirit

Unfortunately these 'core values' were rarely taught but instead Egotistical self centered mentalities totally opposing what I believe Gen Choi had in his heart ,especially INTEGRITY and Courtesy.
Throughout my lifetime in martial arts and Christian Ministry I have a clear conscience that in fact I have personally remained TRUE to these core values and have applied these core values to everything I do personally and in martial arts .
The TRUE SPIRIT of Martial Arts still burns in the hearts of a few tried and tested 'battle commanders'

Some of whom are mentioned on these pages and this 'spirit of Martial arts' is not exclusive to

Tae Kwon Do , on any other Martial Arts for that matter , but is the UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD

of True Spirited Martial Arts Instructors and Masters joined in the HEART by these core values.

Graham Healy 8th Dan

Founder ISDA 

General-Choi Hong Hi
Tenets of Tae Kwon Do by Gen Choi
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