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Bert Healy
Queensland Boxing Champ 1948

"As a 14 year old boy I went down to my Grandfathers Boxing Gym in Gordonvale North Queensland and it was like a 'Rocky movie' his fighters skipping,sparring,and punching the bag.
I asked my Grandad "what was the best punch in the book? " Grandad looked at me (all the Fighters stopped to listen) , "the Best punch in the book Son ? " said my 'raspy voiced' ,he paused ........and grinned "The FIRST ONE SON" was his answer and I never forgot it".
My Dad was trained by Grandad for a full 2 years before his first fight, had 'knock outs' in both hands and beat both amateur and professional 'ring ins' to win the Queensland title in 1948 . Boxing is a 'art' and the skill behind it very few understand it , there is speed,power and timing and personal discipline in boxing that can be applied to other sport , boxing training is a great base to start for any sport, in fact Graham Healy has used Boxing as his base for ALL other training including martial arts .
My Father is a gentleman and a great mentor , he went on to train the boxing at the National Fitness Club plus gymnastics for 15 years , Dad was good at anything he did subsequently , water sking, tennis,Squash,Golf and at 85 years of age you can find him playing bowles at Banora point NSW and taking about the good old times.
I have tried to step into my Grandfathers and fathers footsteps and have taken the skills of boxing and blended them into the martial arts , but I always say to this day
BOXING is our base and ALWAYS will be the platform from which we do all our training .

Also I would like to mention that my Uncle Alan Healy (Dad's brother) also was involved in the Australian Boxing team for many years (based out of Melbourne) and carried the Healy's Family Flag as an official and Boxing Judge for many years traveling overseas to Malaysia with the national Boxing teams .
Uncle Allan was a 'Big right cross' man and a rugby league player, and very successfull businessman, myself and  his son Alan Healy (my cousin) are closer then brothers, compare 'old time family stories' when we get together, about Grandad,Dad, Uncle Frank and Uncle Alan.
However, as kids (Myself and Cousin Alan Healy) we always felt ten foot and 'bullet proof' when we were with the 'toughest' Healy brother , Uncle Frank Healy , Frank played rugby League till his was 45 years old and worked as a engineer at the Queensland four X factory , where need I say , no apprentices gave Uncle Frank much 'back chat' .
Grandad Healy (Bert Senior) was awarded the Lifetime membership from Queensland Boxing association which I proudly accepted for him at Townsville 1975.    GH


Healys Family Boxing History

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Muhammad Ali verses Somoking Joe Fraser

Kosta Tszyu verses Zab Judah

Johnny Famechon verses Fighting Harada

Lional Rose Verses Fighting Harada

Myself and Dad had were so fortunate to meet smoking Joe Fraser, Joe Bugner, Kosta Tszyu, Lional Rose, Johnny Faechon, Trevor King , Pat Ford, Azuma Nelson, Gus McCurio, Athol McQeen , Reg Kirkham and many more Great Fighters , the common denominator with all these greats is that they are real gentlemen, men who have nothing to prove anymore, a pleasure and 'fun' to be with.
I wish to thank Frank Maher the former secretary of the Australian Boxing Hall of Fame for being the 'link' with so many 'old timers' to bring the recognition that they deserve, boxing is a very hard lonely disciplined 'school of hard knocks' but out of the firey furnace generates hearts of pure Gold.
Myself and Dad, Grandad and Uncle Alan and Uncle Frank Healy were proud to be a part of Boxing, it taught discipline and gave you a place to expell your energy in a positive way with training.  
Myself and Dad are big fans of Manny Pacquiao and Manuel Marquez  to us Boxing is a science not many understand all the hard work that goes into the trainng behind the scenes, but not many of us are call to 'the ring' or can be like Smoking Joe Fraser who quote 'would fight a Lion with a tooth pick'  but then again there was only 'one Smoking Joe Fraser' and our good mate Athol McQeen who was the first man to knock down Smoking Joe, but as Athol said after that 'unfortunately Smoking Joe 'got back up' and the rest is history .

                                                                                                                                                                                                Graham and Bert Healy 


Bro George Foreman fellow Christian Minister and 2 times World Champ
.p.s. every home should 
have a
George Foreman Griller GH

George Foreman V's Muhammad Ali (Oct 30 1974) one of the Greatest Fights of all time 

Graham comments

  • Carmen Basilo V Sugar Ray one of the Greatest Classics Ever similar to Ali V's Fraser

  • Muhammad Ali V's Smoking Joe 1,2, & 3
    'The day the world stood still the Greatest v's the Greatest'

  • Ali v's George Forman, George was invincible at the time,many people were afraid of Ali's safety.
    Ali KOS George the most unforgettable KO in History, George then becomes a Christian Evangelist in Texas then comes back to win another world title and becomes a sucessful businessman.

  •  Kosta Tsyu v's Zab Judah KO the way of the Russian-Australian 'hammer'.

  • Ali V's Joe Bugner, Joe fought Ali twice , the first time I believe Joe won on points, But Joe did 30 rounds with Ali and 15 with Smoking Joe and survived, Joe is one of the Great Boxers.

  • Lional Rose Australia's great Aboroginal Champ a long line of indigineous fighters,Tony Mundine,Jack Hassen,and many others .

  • Johnny 'Fammo' Famechon taught and mentored by the 'Boss' Ambrose Palmer a Great Fighter himself
    Fammo was the 'clever and quick' the KO of Fighting Harada in Tokyo 'through the ropes'        




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