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Why Natural Medicine

Why purchase Natural Medicines from your healthcare Practitioner?

Your healthcare Practitioner's job is to have you feeling better as quickly as possible and to prevent health problems from reoccurring. If you want to achieve a new state of wellbeing, thus maximising the quantity and quality of your life, you and your Practitioner must not only treat the symptoms, but also the underlying cause of your disease or condition. That's why many of the programs that they prescribe may involve dietary and lifestyle changes and the use of Natural Medicines.

Why Metagenics Products Are So Highly Regarded

By prescribing the Metagenics range of Natural Medicines your Practitioner is recommending the high quality, effective products. Sold only through healthcare Practitioners, the Metagenics range is formulated to meet the exacting standards necessary to manage your patient's health. That's why Metagenics is the number one provider of Natural Medicines in Australia and New Zealand.
With all products manufactured to Australian Federal Goverrnment Quality Standards 
TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration)
GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) compliance.

Graham Healy


Graham Healy 
has had 40 years in the
health & wellness Industry 
Qualified TAFE teacher
Master Personal Trainer specializing in lower back care
Nutritional education from Dietitian Peter Rhodes .
Associate with Dietitian Allan   
Worked 10 years with Rodney Campbell
(former head naturapath of Musashi) 
20 years association with
Dan Maxwell founder
 Urban Muscle

Graham is currently completing a bachelors degree in
(medical science Chiropractic)

followed by his Masters in Chiropractic.
Thereafter he will be a registered Doctor of Chiropractic 

Metagenics Products

Our personal Philosophy by Graham Healy

Metagenics Natura Medicine
dr matt Bambling

Dr Matt Bambling
is a well-known clinical psychologist who conducts molecular medicine research into mental health. His current research focuses on the use of natural molecules for treatment resistant depression. He has a specific interest in the human microbiome, inflammation and cellular metabolism.  Matt is in demand as a speaker on topics such as integrative approaches to treat health problems and supplementation to optimise physical performance and achieve healthy aging and maximum longevity. Matt is also a peer reviewer for a number of international journals in molecular science, biochemistry, nutrition and integrative medicine.  For more about Matt’s current research, see the link below to learn about the depression project which is now in the last phase and being run at QUT

Below is a promotional video on a 2017 Metagenics conference to give you some idea of the depth 
of the leading edge research carried out by metagenics in gut heath and the microbiome 

Click the above and send your details to us we will then put you on our client/patient list and email you with a
FREE health profile assessment .
This is a diagnostic tool to give you an overview of your Health status.
We will then email you a FREE COPY of the assessment 
From there we will give you some naturopathic medicines suggestions
based on the health profile assessment to bring you body systems back into a balanced healthy state   

by biochemist Dr.Matt Bambling or our Dr. of Chiropratic
prior to purchase
Thankyou  Graham Healy 

 biochemist Dr.Matt Bambling or our Dr. of Chiropratic
prior to purchase .
Thankyou Graham Healy 

Our Price
210 grms $39.95
dose (15 days supply @ 7 grams x 2 daily).
420 grams $69.95 *
dose (30 days supply @ 7 grms x 2 daily)

* depending on volume of order there may be postage charge we will advise upon each order
7-14 days payment must be cleared before orders are placed.        

 Any other Metagenics natural Medicine product
(click image to search metagenics web site )

ring/sms us on mobile 0411-393-503 or email
and we will determine if this product is right for you and give you a price quote on that product 
The strength of practitioner only range is considerably higher then supermarket products available and contradictions must be screened beforehand in evey product case by our team.

Metagenics is TGA Australian Government approved and tested for quality.

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