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  MODULE  4:
Healy's Integrated Combat Solutions Commando Krav Maga

A lot of misinformation is being said and taught about KNIFE-DEFENCE and unless you are a phillipino Knife Master as illistrated in the below Video or simply a Soldier defending yourself in combat (Video below on left) there is obviously different levels of skills in offense and defense in Knife fighting.


In all due respect of Phillipino Knife Masters (which you have next to zero chance to defend from unless you have a Gun or similar weapon) we are assuming that you will not be confronted by a phillipino Knife Master in the First Instance.
In our Teaching we are assuming two things :
1)You are UNARMED  
2)You are defending against a BASIC KNIFE ATTACK (e.g.) Straight thrusts,ice-pick,upward slashes,basic slashes(across back & forth).
In Australia is is ILLEGAL for you to carry a knife as a defensive weapon so we teach from that perspective that YOU are totally UNARMED as the Australian Law (criminal code 1899) outlines.
3)The Scope of our teaching is countering Basic thrusting 'attacks' as outlined in (1) with arm locks and other disabling strattegies as you would in basic military training & unarmed combat techniques adapted for civilian use.

            Our Scope is simply BASIC UNARMED KNIFE DEFENSE 

knife fights from ultimate soldier challenge Canada PPCLI

vs US Marines

Graham Healy Teaching tuition on Technique of "figure 4" joint lock 'take-down' and disarm with 

with-straining technique
see Attack (1)

Balintawak Legend Gregorio "Goyong" Ceniza with Robert Cincos

Criminal Code 1899
Legally proportionate responces


Criminal Code 1899
Legally proportionate responces

you can only learn by actual practice 

Instructions here are backed up by Videos 
and are only meant as a reference point 
for students 


you can only learn by actual practice 

Instructions here are backed up by Videos 
and are only meant as a reference point 
for students 


you can only learn by actual practice 

Instructions here are backed up by Videos 
and are only meant as a reference point 
for students 


                          ATTACK (1)
Defense to 'Straight' Knife THRUST :

  1. Side step 45degrees with Shield Defense whileimpact Slap to Groin with other hand as you travel
    through .
    continue the spinning movement to 'peek a boo' hands over face defense 1.5 body lengths away.


  2. Side step 45degrees with Shield Defense while securing the attackers Shoulder with lead hand(grab under the arm pit) & attackers wrist with your other hand exececute a 'across your chest' elbow bar/break 
    Or alternatively take completely to ground and withstrain or break on ground.


  3. Attacker pulles attacking arm back (elbow lock is not 100% secure) 
    simply 'go with the flow' and divert move to "policemans 'goose neck' hold
    or (depending how knife is held by attacker) 
    assist the attackers retraction by 'reterning to sender' other words asssist the attackers pull back retraction (by moving your wrist grab to assist) the Attacker to attack himself (ie return to sender move).


  4. Another Move is to move under the attachers shoulder (while you face same way as attacker) (one hand securing attackers wrist , your other (lead hand does a Groin slap to attacker) at the
    same time you do a leg sweep to attacker and secure the attackers arm (between your knees) and wrist twist the knife out of attackers Grip.

                         ATTACK (6)
   Defense against grabbed from
  behind, with knife blade against
  'side of neck' :

  1. ​You have to do some very carefull manouvers here :
    a)hands held up near the attachers wrist in a 'hold up position' (abviously the attacker wants something from you , otherwise you would be dead or seriously injured by now) .
    b)Simultaneously GRAB the wrist of Attacker,
    c)drop you shoulder that is beside the knife
    d)at the same time raise the opposite shoulder
    e)at the same time 'palm' the attackers elbow in a 'TYPE-WRITER' fashion pushing the 'knife blade' away from your neck as far as possible.
    Note : with practice you can sycronize all of the above to immobilse the attackers attempt to slash your Neck.


  2. once the above (1) is done you are now in a perfect position to 'duck under' the 'armpit' od attacker and 'lock attacker into a 'figure 4' or bull-dog hold to ground and withstrain-disable his attack. 


                         ATTACK (9)
Lapel Held KNIFE held to STOMACH

             'SIZZORS RELEASE'
         (your back is to a Wall)

 This is the same as 'hostage Hold up'
   ATTACK (8) except your pinned against a wall 


  1. ​hold your hands and wrists low ,parrel to attackers 'knife-wrist'.
    EXECUTE 'SIZZORS RELEASE'  you do this by Striking the inside of attackers wrist with knife hand chop while AT THE SAME TIME simultaneously knife hand chop the 'back of the attackers hand'.
    This way you will create a 'double impact' upon the attackers 'knife holding wrist'.
    The knife should fall out of attackers grip/hand


  2. IF IT DOES NOT and you have a partial (reverse goose neck wrist lock) (with attackers hand-knuckles bending towards his stomach-chest , the quickly re-enforce this partial lock by dropping your shoulder into the attacker and bull-dog them and 'return to sender with the attackers own knife'.


                  ATTACK (2)
   Defense to 'Ice Pick' 
   A Knife THRUST Downward  to
   Head or Clavical :

  1. Side step 45 degrees with shield defense ,this time (your lead arm/hand goes OVER the attackers shoulder and grabs upon the attackers BICEP , while your other hand grabs attackers wrist .Then execute the chest-elbow break.

  2. If Attacker pulls back (arm is not at full lock out)
    then ' go with the flow' and execute a 'figure 4' lock out as you rotate the attacker backwards and over his own shoulder , this may also be taken to ground to finish off if required (your knees upon attackers ribs/neck as you execute a 'goose neck' lock out on attackers wrist.


  3. If you miss the Arm Bar in (1) simply apply a 'pushing block-parry' and assist the attackers arm(with knife ) in the circle downwards and you assist-push and escape at 45% to the side and behind. 

                         ATTACK (4)
   Defense to 'SLASHING'
  BACK & FORTH on Horizontal plane at   Shoulder level 

  1. The attacker will be aiming at a THROAT or CHEST /ARMS SLASH .
    to counter this you must adopt the 'SHIELD GUARD DEFENSE' and move in rythm with the attackers slashing moves .

    At your first opportuning (usually on the 3rd slash) BURST IN TO CAPTURE attackers shoulder and execute a elbow lock/break (see Attack (1))
    The prefered capture us the attackers arm 'crossed over' his chest (safest) ,however, sometimes you must capture on the inside.


  2. Capturing the attackers arm on the inside(when attacker is about to slash inwards and his arm is pulled right back )AT THAT MOMENT(fully stretched position) Defender BURSTS IN with double forearm block/smash (one forearm to bicep,one to iside attackers wrist/forarm) then Immediately grab attacker wrist , break the arm (bend arm) at elbow to 90 degrees and execute a FIGURE 4 manouvre as you 'twist' or spiral attacker around a circle to the arm lock (his arm locked behind his back) and spirraled down to the ground if necessary , then complete the Knife disarm, and secure attacker , or break arm 9if other attackers are close by.

                         ATTACK (8)
                 'Hostage HOLD UP'

  1. Attacker may or may not hold your shirt with other hand , if HE DOES NOT simply holds the 'point of the knife' against the 'under side' of your 'JAW' (pointing upwards and penetrating underneath the Jaw if he thrusts upwards, but in the 'HOLD UP' position , the attacher simply pushes the point of the blade into the under-part of your jaw 'threatening' and demanding 'MONEY' .

  2. hold you hands up in a "passive position' near the attackers wrist line then:
    a)Simultaneously 'arch your head and neck backwards' away from the line of 'knife thrust'
    b)at the SAME TIME lift the attackers wrist upwards(with your left hand) and AWAY from you (over the attackers right shoulder (if Knife in attackers right hand) then IMMEDIATELY assist the REVERSE GOOSE NECK wrist lock with your other hand.
    c)continue the wrist lock over attackers 9in this case right shoulder) and remove Knife and or take Attacker to ground and 'SECURE & REMOVE KNIFE' from ground 'lock out position. 

                   'Hostage HOLD UP'
    (Attacker holds your shirt with Knife in other hand)


  3. As above EXCEPT you push the Attackers knife hand across towards the Arm he is holding you with (instead of the 'reverse goose neck lock in (1) & (2) above.
    This time you suspend Attackers wrist over his own forearm (then rapidly pull down attackers knife forearm/wrist and strike his wrist against his other forearm (thats hanging onto your collar/shirt) you use this manouvre to 'impact' the Attackers (Knife holding) wrist down upon his own forearm, and Execute a scooping wrist movement to take the Knife.

  4. Execute a elbow strike on the sweep back after scooping the Attackers Knife


                         ATTACK (3)
   Defense to 'Upward Thrust' or
   'Fish Gutter move :

  1. The attacker is repeatedly thrusting upwards towards your navel and attempting to 'rip upwards' or execure the 'fish Gutter'.
    You counter by using your lead hand as a 'knife hand' and repeatedly strike the 'brackial nerve' on the inside of the attackers wrist 'the radial nerve' .
    Note: the Knife-hand defense to the (inner wrist-radial nerve) of attacker is overlayed by you other hand (crossing over the top of your defending knife hand) and at the FIRST opportunity you execute

    a Wrist (small circle) twist over to an (inverted goose neck) holding the arm at 90 degrees to  the Attacker as you also execute FRONT SNAP KICK to abdomen or face(depending how life threatening), while you are holding the attacker in the wrist lock (reverse goose neck).
    follow through by taking Attacker to ground with the arm lock , disarm & disable or withstrain, until help arrives.  

                         ATTACK (5)
   Defense to Knife in 'back pocket'  
  Attacker grabs (from Behind) and  
      swings through in a 'ARC' to
             Defenders Kidneys :
             "The O SH#T Move!" 

  1. Defender Leaps backwards in a 'cat stance' arching the body in a 'concentric curve' so that any slash from attackers 'back pocket' to kidneys will 'miss anyhow' from you jumping backwards.
    In the meantime , you attempt to 'catch' the attackers arm , by on hand to upper forearm and the other hand to attackers wrist, if sucessful , you rotate under and execute a chest-elbow-lock-break manouvre.
    If Unsuccessful as stated above , you should be in a position , that the slash of the attackers knife will 'miss anyhow'.


                         ATTACK (7)
   Defense against grabbed from
  behind, with knife blade against
  'Font of neck' or THROAT:

  1. ​basically do the same manouvre as in
    ATTACK (7) except this time you simply secure the attackers wrist and knife "GLUED to your CHEST' by simultaneously 'grabbing attackers wrist and ar the same time 'raise your right shoulder ' (if attacher has knife in right hand ) (and visa a versa if in left hand) .
    now also bend at the hips 'forward' as if you are about to do a 'over head judo throw'  


  2. once the above (1) is done you are now in a perfect position you will have:
    a) locked the knife down (against your chest)
    b)created a shoulder-bar against the attacker forearm (by raising your right shoulder) 
    c)Now that you have secured and "GLUED" attackers wrist and knife against your chest
    (at the point you could simple 'lift attacker off the ground' as you have him at the fulcrum or balance point (as in the hip table , as in judo)
    d) then hold attachers writs with one hand now , with other hand use as 'hammer fist' to repeated hammer attackes to attackers groin,at least 3 to 6 times .


Graham Healy Teaching tuition on Technique of "figure 4" joint lock 'take-down' and disarm with 

with-straining technique
See Attack (1)

Graham Healy Teaching tuition on Technique of "To & Fro SLASHING" with 'take-down' and disarm with 

with-straining technique
See Attack (4)

To (e) Knife tuition Videos
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