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Olympic Weightlifting Correct Technique

Olympic Weighlifting Basics 

  • True Core Strength 

  • submaximal fundementals good for everybody

  • Learn from a former competitive weighlifter

How to do an olympic Weightlifting Snatch Lift Correctly Satge 1, 2 & 3. by California Stength

How do do a correct Clean & Jerk by California Strength stage 1 , 2 & 3 California Strength

California strength  demonstrate correct form for power cleans with the bar only , as you can see there is a lot of technique is every move in olympic weighlifting as with all sports the fundemental basics are broken down into smaller fundemental moves and then practice,practice,practice, but you have to make absolutely certain that the techniques you are being taught are CORRECT to start with .
I personally recomment California Strength (link above) as the best on utube , these guys are 'pro's' and know their stuff and are quite entertaining , if you want to see all the correct olympic weightlifting techniques then check these guys and girls out.

In the meantime  if you don't live in California then see us at Healy's Health and we will teach you these principals under the watchful eye of Graham Healy whose was taught and mentored by Olympic weighlifter Nevel Perry (Mexico games and Rome Olympics)

Remember you cant teach what you can't do yourself 



Graham Healy

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