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As Part of the cooperative support with our fantastic affiliation with RTO ACSD  we now have this wonderful Eduction support system available on this web site .
How Does it Work ?
Simple , If you wish to do a Cert 3 & 4 in Sportscoaching or Fitness (available later this year) you get a 'access Pin number' and can do your base studies on line , then with the Healy's Health practical support and on the floor back up you meet the Practical with the Theoretical in a perfect marriage between the two.  


R.P.L. Recognized Prior Learning ?​

R.P.L has now been replaced with a BRIDGING Process. This means that your 'Gather in RPL evidence like you did before, to varify and prove your Prior Learning PLUS you are given an 'access pin number'  to our (e) Education Centre so you can make sure your are 'competent' and 'up to speed' with the latest education requirements as well. This is a double check for compliance to make sure our graduates have not 'just got a nationally recognized certificate' but have got 'up to date' compliance and competency required education levels on two KEY points Prior Education Evidence and Current Requirments with all the 'boxes ticked'. GH


Professional Certificate Level Training
  • Cert III Sports Coaching

  • Cert IV Sports Coaching

  • Cert III Fitness

  • Cert IV Fitness

Get your career started today by selecting a certificate course from the menu to the right.


Regular Short Course Workshops
  • Boxing Techniques

  • Woman's Self Defense

  • Close Quarters Self Defense

  • Security Industry Defense

  • Supplements and Wellbeing

  • Stretching/Lower Back Pain

Make a positive change in your life by taking one of our regular short course workshops. Our workshops are all tailored to small groups and provide plenty of opportunity for one to one training and guidance in many areas of fitness and health. Simply select a workshop link from the menu on the right to get started today.


We offer a range of certificate level courses in Sport Coaching and Fitness as well as a range of general health short course workshops and self defense training workshops.

All of our courses and workshops are run from our central location in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.


Why Should I Train With Healy's?

Thats a valid question to ask and their is a valid and simple answer and that is over 30 years of experience,also:

  • All of our classes are overseen by Master Personal Trainer and Sports Coach Graham Healy.

  • Graham has been in the industry for well over 30 years and brings all of his life experience in fitness and training to each and every class.

  • Graham is also an 8th Dan martial arts instructor and qualified Healy's Commando Krav Maga trainer.

  • Graham is a 'train the trainer' 

    Other reasons to train with Healy's 

  •  Small Class Sizes

  •  One on One Training Options

  •  Regular Refresher Classes

  •  Professional Trainers

  •  Other Individual Training Options Available 

For more information on our certificate level courses or workshops simply select an option from the menu on the right and begin your training today.

Did You Know ?
Healy's Health operates under an agreement with one of Australia's longest standing RTO Organisations and delivers its courses in co-operation with that organisation.

Group Bookings.

At Healy's Education we believe in team spirit and work and as such we offer our short course workshops as group booking and team building exercises.
We offer these classes with a minimum number of 10 participants and run the training at your location or ours.
We can offer these workshops interstate and outside of the greater Brisbane area however this may attract a travel and accomodation surcharge.

Simply contact us today for a no obligation free quote on your group workshop and team building event by filling out our general contact enquiry form.


About Healy's Education.

Graham Healy is a master personal trainer and sports coach with over 30 years experience in the health and fitness industry.

Graham's experience ranges from olympic weight lifting to self defense including being one of the chosen few first instructors of Tae Kwon Do in the aisa pacific region personly trained by one of the original founders of the system.

Graham's extensive background has been the starting point for many endeavours and is the platform that the Healy's network and Healy's system are built upon.

Graham Healy's Certification.
Recognized Prior Learning (R.P.L.) Now called Bridging 

Healys specialize in (R.P.L.) Recognized Prior Learning , if you have had years of experience in:

  • Sports Coaching

  • Martial arts 

  • Fitness
    and you are able to provide evidence of the above Healy's Health can help you.

Further Course Information

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