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KEY = Ban Refined Rubbish

I don't know whether to Cry or laugh when I see shows like 'the Biggest loser'  the 'Big secret' isn't the 'flogging' a morbidly obese person to death exercise wise (which is medically very dangerous in itself), if you read all the disclaimers that has to be signed by contestants, you discover that this is done at the contestants 'own risk'.


The real point is that these people are 'LOCKED AWAY' in a Nutritional BOOT CAMP , their calorie count dropped dramatically and for the first time in their life FORCED to DIET &  EXERCISE

Now the show would get you to believe that its the DRAMATIC EXERCISE that is the reason for all  the weight loss(I said weight loss not necessarily FAT loss as absolutely ZERO Body Fat analysis is done during these TV shows ) , in fact thats a deception for a 'days of our lives' little TV drama  reasons rather then telling the TRUTH.

The TRUTH is that its is the Nutrition Cycle going on in the background that is the REAL REASON
for the weight loss and certainly Exercise has a metabolistic role to play in starting the weight loss cycle moving,
but if those contestantswere out in the REAL WORLD (with NO Diet Boot Camp) and doing the same exercise,
without the Nutrition Boot Camp and calorie restrictions?


So If you are A PRISONER OF WAR..... I Guarentee you will Lose WEIGHT DRAMATICALLY! 
The Question is, is that 'Prisoner of war' mentallity Healthy ?
and the answer is NO its NOT mentally or physically in my opinion and experience.

Gradual Weight loss
(By Weight Loss I mean FAT LOSS) @ 1/2 kg to 1 Kg per week is more scientifically sustainable
and this is what  Allan Borushek (Dietitian)  will agree with 100% and this is what we are looking for
at Healy's Health is long-term lifestyle Genuine change, not a quick TV fix geared for entertainment purposes.

HEALY'S HEATH CALIBRATE via skin-fold Testing that gives you
TRUE INDICATION of Body FAT LOSS and is the Method we use
in all the 12 week transformational Challenges.


Here are some basic Healy's Bootcamp Kitchen Meals ,
Its EASIER then you think to


  • Eliminate  White Sugars and refined Products of any description
    (White Sugar gives you an
    Insulin SPIKE then a DROP also excess
    White Sugar is Stored as FAT and
    White Sugar(secretly hidden in all refined foods and is addictive)  


  • L Glutamine is a key component of glucose tolerance factor GTF its can reduce cravings for SUGARY FOODS


  • Eliminate WHITE BREAD(white bread is like eating GLUE (remember the Flour + water=Dettol Pre-school Glue?)
    change to Burgan Rye  or Burgan soy and Linseed  and 'un stick your intestinal track' plus the extremely
    high G.I. glysimic Index of white Flour= almost the same  G.I. of Sugar 


  • Eat Lean and Clean Foods only
    "f you can't pick it off a tree or peal it or skin it don't eat it" Gh  


  • Carbohydrates Basmarti rice or Sweet potato is Best

  • Do NOT EAT CARBS at Night ...only Fish,Chicken, Protein Drink (on water)
    (If you want to maxamise Fat loss)
    Stomach full of food at night=FAT STORAGE 


  • The Above RULE is a general one only sometimes cycle some carbs(small amount)
    at night once every 3 to 4 days (if training hard)


  • Nuts (almonds and walnuts and hazelnuts are GOOD) to snack on

  • Good Fats are flax seed oil, fish oils,oils from the above nuts refer the book 'Fats that Heal fats that Kill' by Udo Erasmus, Ph.D

  • Be carefull with 'sugary fruits' like bananas ,watermellons,Grapes etc however, Apples, Pears, Strawberry's and Rockmellon
    are good and relatively low in carbs/sugars (make sure you eat the Whole Fruits this will include the fibre,vitamins and minerals
    and slows down the absorption or sugars) 
    the KEY is to keep the 'insulin spike' in the bloods stream at a 'steady level'=no extremes up or down=whole foods not refined


  • Feel like a 'sweet snack' have some strawberrys 5medium=100grm=30 cal,
    or rock mellon=1/2 small=400grm =114 cal (practically zero calories)


  • Oranges & Mandarins eat whole (good for Energy)
    Note Sugars in Fruits eaten 'Whole' absorb more slowly 


  • Remember your BRAIN needs Carbohydrates
    L-Glutamine good for brain function
    (part of citric acid cycle=energy for body & brain)


  • Lean Protein, FISH,CHICKEN Lean Meat all Good 

  • Green Beens, Broccoli,Salads


  • HAVE ONE MEAL PER WEEK anything you like 

  • If you do snack , have an occasional ice cream etc NEVER BUY TO BRING HOME
    (like a bucket of Ice cream in your fridge NO! NO! NO!)


  • Eating out order Healthy , Grilled Fish instead of battered etc simple choice changes make a big difference

  • KEEP A DIET DIARY (you will be surprised how everything adds up)
    Healy's Health will advise you on fats,carbs,Protein Totals


  • Supplements like Protein drinks are excellent Low Carb meal replacements and LOW IN CALORIES 
    (for example a protein drink=30grms Protein, zero fat, 2 carbs total 200 calories (a low carb drink) 


  • Green Jasmin Tea (Dlimah is best), Filtered water (fresh lemon for flavour) , black coffee in morning only 

  • Milk Products Hold Fat and the Lactose (Milk sugar) seems to make the Body 'hang onto Fat stores',
    so CUT all Milk products to almost Zero when Losing Body Fat , ie cut milk drinks,milk in coffee ,
    tea etc keep fluids as close to PURE WATER as possible EXCEPTION Plain Yoghurt
    in moderation (couple of tablespoons per day=good bacteria)


  • Supplements only HELP a GOOD NUTRITION PLAN and become a MULTIPLYER EFFECT 

  • MULTIPLYER EFFECT ? what is it , If you have a Good Nutrition Plan Supplements Multiply the Effect of the Nutrition Plan considerably .

  • IN BETWEEN MEALS is KEY remember you burn 99% of your Body-Fat in the 24 hour cycle in between exercise bouts/cycles
    so the little bit of 'sugary' rubbish here and there ALL ADDS UP to a BIGGER CALORIE COUNT then you think !


  • REPEAT...KEEP DIET DIARY either on Computer or Booklet and you will discover the TRUTH in the above statement with 'in-between meals'

    These are some general TIPS learned over the last 40 years by Graham Healy after processing thousands of clients ,
    in the weight loss Industry 'Out there' Everybody is an 'expert' and sometimes there is 'information overload'.
    My main LITMUS TEST for all information is Measurable RESULTS and has the information been tested OVER TIME ? GH

    Check out Graham Healy's QUICK FIX DIET for more detail and Supplements on the 12 week Transformational Challenge Page.

                                      Below are some Meals and simple food selections by  Graham Healy to show you how simple it is to run a

                                                                                                       BOOTCAMP KITCHEN 'ITS EASY' GH


White-Bread is BAD FOR YOU
White Sugar Insulin SPIKER
sweet potato
Basmarti Rice
Almonds walnuts hazelnuts
Strawberry's Sweet almost Zero carbs
Vegetables High Fiber and Vitamins
Tuna High Protein
Rock-melon Sweet and Low carb
Protein drink High Protein Low carb
Dilma Green Tea , Jasmine Highest Quality
Himalyan Pink Rock Salt

Himlayan Pink Rock Salt

  • 84 Minerals 

  • No Pollutants 100% Pure

  • Electrolites 

  • Reduces blood pressure

  • Mined in Himlayans >>>

Clean & Lean
Quick Fix Diet

The Healy's Quick Fix Diet Plan is simply a tried and tested plan that works GH

FAT BURNING Supplements (Click Here)

Facts Check:
We use 955 (Sucralose) (Spenda)
In our LOW CARB Protein Drinks
Others use Aspartame (951)

Boot Camp food by Master Chef Graham Healy
Food that TASTES GREAT and is actually


Clean & Lean

Click Images for more detalis 

Click the above Images
for a Protein, F
at ,Carbohydrate

& Calorie count  GH


  • Lean Proteins 

  • Good fats 

  • Low GI carbs

  • Fruits whole 

  • Supplements (the Multiplyer)


The Healy's Boot Camp Kitchen Health Pyramid

Click the above Images
for a Protein, F
at ,Carbohydrate

& Calorie count  GH

I will update Graham's Boot Camp Kitchen pics Periodically ,

if any Client has a good healthy Pic email it to me with total calories , fats, carbs, protein count too. GH

Boot Camp
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