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Healy's Health and Graham Healy has preferred Licensed Security teachers with full compliance in Australian law practices and national Legal frameworks and Guidelines in the Security Industry .

Security Training will be outsourced to the Healy's Education associate partners and will work in synchronisation with the self defence components of Healy's.
Our partnered security organisation is a fully qualified institute with high level police and millitary training as well as Australian recognised teaching qualifications with international experience.


For more information please fill out the form below or contact us on 0411 393 503.


Healy's Provide a service called INTERFACE TRAININGnormal Security courses (II)(III)(IV)
provide a basic overview on "security operations" and the legal frame-work and guidelines,

they DO NOT focus on the personal safety of the officers involved , for example corrective Services Officers in their induction course get only
3 days self-defense training before being placed on the FRONT LINE between themselves and Criminals,

this is hardly enough to 'be persoanally confident and competent' on self-defence scenarios of self-preservation and hardly enough to be called 'competent' in the 'skill set' of self-defence and 'self preservation'

the CRIMINAL CODE ACT 1899 covers

the legal boundarys of Asault,Proportionate responces and the basic right of  Self Defence, 

Healy's Integrated Combat Solutions INTERFACE TRAINING  provides a means to 'fill that GAP IN THE SYSTEM' and make sure a Security Officer,Corrective services Officer or Police Officer has the 'Skill set' to handel any 'self-defence' scenario safely not only for him or herself personally and 'return home safely to their respective family's' 

but also being confident of neutralizing the aggressive criminal attacker with techniques that are 'user friendly' and 'legally compliant' to

The Criminal Code Act 1899.

"No organization that I know of,especially the areas of Legal Self-defense have a clear understanding of the Legalities surrounding the events of self defence,Assault and Proportionate Responces applied in the real world,and most people I speak to do not have a 'clear understanding' of the Legal framework, the risk management, or proportionate responces especially in the martial arts industry who can be 'Fear based' reactive and totally out of sycronization with the Criminal Code Act 1899, where 'at the end of the day' a physical conflict will wind up (in the Court) and Criminal Code Act 1899 will be refered to by barristers and the judiciry in judgment of any case.
It is therfore 'common sense' to start with the ACT 1899 to base our 'self defense' scenarios upon, and building a framework upon which to INTERFACE our teachings to the above Officers and Students , that way we get 'it right' from the beginning"

Graham Healy Chief Instructor


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