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Click above and find out the DIFFERENCE between Glucosamines 

FLEX Joint relief Healys Health Urban Muscle

Click above and find out the DIFFERENCE between Glucosamines 

Diatomaceous Earth


Any naturopath will tell you that it is far more effective to take the powders
by the teaspoon for a couple of good reasons:

  • you need the quality ie 4.5 grams for the product to be effective

  • Glucosamine Hydrochloride is superior and requires no stabalizers
    (unlike the inferior and cheaper  Glucosamine Sulphide (used in most commercial formulas)
    which is  inherently unstable compound this is not used in FLEX  

  • Chondroitin (derived from shark cartilage) 

  • MSM (Methylsulphonylmethane) is a naturally occurring organic sulphur compound
    ( found in all living plant and animal tissues.
    It is essential for all bodily systems and normal organ functions).

  • Vitamin C for wound healing and joint repair 

Compare the Quanity of the actual ingredients in our product with any competitors 

Kickboxers ,Weightlifters,Runners Swear by It! 


Diatomaceous Earth
the perfect partner for FLEX 

pure Silica heals Tendons,ligaments,Bones 
and intestinal tract cleanser

Diatomaceous Earth
the perfect partner for FLEX 

pure Silica heals Tendons,ligaments,Bones 
and intestinal tract cleanser


Glucosamine as its name suggests is a natural Substance made in our bodies from a combination

of a sugar, glucose and an amino acid glutamine.
Glucosamine is an important part of the Mucopolysaccharides which form proteoglycans
that provide structure to the bones, cartilage, skin,nails, hair and other body tissues.

There are a number of solutions, you can use antiinflammatory drugs,

you can undergo extensive surgery,

or you can increase your bodies natural supply of the nutrients it needs to rebuild damaged tissue through supplementation.

Glucosamine HCl is one of the most important nutrients to consider supplementation with.
When you increase this resource into the diet the body's rate of bone collagen synthesis increases.

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10 Natural ingredience
  *Menthol *Camphor *Oli of Wintergreen *Eucalyptus Leaf Oil *Glucosamine Sulfate *MSM *Chondroitin Sulfate *Thymol *Grape seed Oil *Oil of Lavender


Topical Pain Remedy

The revolutionary topical pain cream Motion Medicine relieves and prevents muscle and joint aches and pain due to inflammation and arthritis. 

Motion Medicine enhances circulation and exerts local anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, pain relief. It also promotes cartilage and tissue repair activities. Formulated in Canada with all-natural ingredients, 

Motion Medicine topical pain remedy contains the components clinically proven to ease pain and to aid tissue repair.

In 2003, the Journal of Rheumatology released a study on topical cream including camphor, glucosamine, and chondroitin as active ingredients: "Our results clearly show that this effectively targets osteoarthritic knee pain and provides immediate pain relief along with long term improvement of pain with continued use." Nearly all of the patients using the cream obtained immediate pain relief. Additionally, the results showed there was a greater mean sustained reduction in pain at both four weeks and eight weeks for the experiment group compared to the placebo group. A majority of the cream users experienced gradually and continually improving pain relief over the eight weeks.
With continued use, one-third of the experiment group had their chronic osteoarthritis pain completely or nearly completely eliminated
within eight weeks or less.

Get Pain free movement again and order Motion Medicine today!

Multiple Packaging options, order the size right for you

We are always looking for the world best products and this is one of them recommended by my associate Dr.Nikita Vizniak one of the best Chiropractic and physical medicine Guys on the planet .
I suggest you use our FLEX Product (above) with this Topical Pain remedy liniment  so that you have an internal dose of Glucosmine Hydrochloride working on the joints and cartridge as well as a topical dose.
the best of both worlds plus the 10 great natural ingredients of Motion Medicine make it 20% stronger then any comparison product (see chart above) .
Graham Healy

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Diatomaceous Earth

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