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Karaoke Fun

'Some people do drugs,booze and many things that are not good for them........I do Karaoke '

Graham Healy

Karaoke started as a hobby, now Graham is a regular at Bens Chinese restauraunt and has become somewhat of a celebrity .
(see picture of 'karaoke Kings' Graham and Vic ')
Vic sings Frank Sinatra better then the original 'New York,New York' he is famous for especially on Chinese New Year.

Depending on the crowd ,some nights at Bens has been unforgettable and FUN for everybody .

Graham specializes in 70's rock & roll ,blues , and a wide range of songs by Led zepplin,Joe Cocker,Michael Buble,Huey Lewis,The Beatles,John Lennon  and many more songs like:

Black Dog,Power of Love,Pour Sugar on Me,Feeling Good,
 Play that Funky Music,She came in through the bathroom window anything that we can find thats popular and in good taste suitable for family and friends.

Capital Karaoke is our prrefered supplier of Karaoke equipment and professional CD+G karaoke songs .
You can order you own 'pro CD+G' from capital karaoke and start a great personalized collection fo the 'BIG NIGHT OUT' 

Do you want to be the next Karaoke King ? 
Graham can teach you how with special 'private lessons' we believe that Karaoke is a very healthy pastime and what is better then singing to de-stress and re-energise the mnd,body & spirit.
Its 'good for you' , builds confidence and a ton of FUN.

                                                                   ROCK ON !


"Power of Love " Huey Lewis rendition by 
Graham live at Enjoy!

Rendition of Graham Sininging Stairway to Heaven 

Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin) - Rendition by Graham Healy
00:00 / 00:00

 Pour Sugar on Me by Def Leppard .
rendition by Graham Healy

Feeling Good by Michael Buble 

rendition by Graham Healy

has a "Prophetic Song" for 2015 his rendition of
Russel Morris and the "Real Thing' this song came out in 1969-70 in the middle of the Vietnam war .....
45 years later 2015 (a generation has passed ) and we are on a VERGE of another Global Conflict against Terrorism in the Middle East .HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF ....yours faithfully Karaoke King 

The Original Rusell Morris 

the "real thing"


If you want to book a group Karaoke night to Bens
contact Graham today and we will organize.

Karaoke Gear ,microphones,CD+G ,etc 
our supplyers are Capital Karaoke if you wish to purchare a basic karaoke Kit to use at home or even a professional set up contact Graham Healy  and we will organize for you as we have an agency agreement with Capital Karaoke and can supply all your karaoke needs direct.








Karaoke World Championships 
infomation broucher click here

Kids Karaoke 
Everybody has to start somewhere ,singing karaoke is good for all ages , get your children singing Karaoke.
Ask Graham How 

Each venue has its own particular characteristics 
        some more Quiet and Intimate stettings ,
Some the BIG PARTY atmosphere etc
Depends on the mood and your group GH

Graham's Preferred Karaoke Venues

Graham's  Preferred Karaoke Venues

Follow Graham on facebook

Rendition of Led Zepplin's "Black Dog" 
at the BIG 60 celebration 29th aug 2015 

The Original Beatles 

"Come together"

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