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Self-Defense Association

Graham Healy was a pioneer in defining the Legal seperation between what was acceptable as a Australian Government and Nationally recognized teaching qualifications verses so called 'Black Belt qualifications' with no teaching credentials, valid legal Insurances (or practices) to underpin the 'Black belt'.

In many cases the Martial arts organizations themselves were at best 'shadowy' and 'operating under the radar legally speaking' as far as ligitimate Insurances, risk management policy's ,duty of care and negligence was concerned, and this is compounded by 'interpersonal combat situations' and the 'risks involved'.

Many Martial Arts still operate this way today 2013 It is only the tireless work of a few VISIONARIES that the areas of legalities,Teaching qualifications and safe practices,have been addressed so that the conscientious work of a selected few have formed a platform of legitimate professional practices.

ISDA founder Graham Healy and the following friends and associates I consider groundbreaking Visionaries in this area,
Barry Johnston director of ACSD Australian College of Sports Development has done more work to single handly create a ligitmate Education platform upon which the Martial Arts instructor can stand upon.
Barrister William Lye and Lawyer  Robert Philips and Bryan Best my good friends and associates have advised ISDA on risk management,duty of care and negligence and the legal frame work, company and business legal structures, upon which to run classes and frame Legal Insurances.

The Defining Moment is that a Black Belt is NOT a licence to teach unless he or she has a Nationally recognized teaching Qualification to under pin it , this then creates a frame work for legal Insturances, risk management policies , duty of care policies, and the AWARENESS of Student safety and safe practices in Class Scenarios.

ISDA practices what it preaches and can facilitate Teaching Qualifications for Black Belt Instructors through our facilitated affiliated EDUCATION COURSES  

Martial Arts Qualifications or Recognition are a seperate platform and have no bearing on the Teaching Qualifications Legally speaking, but the teaching Qualification must be the BASE upon which any Black Belt can Legally operate , and this is the case will all ISDA associates .

Graham Healy 8th dan
Founder ISDA 


Clink on the above images and magazine covers to read the articles written by Graham Healy and associates in national magazines

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