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Graham Healy was the original Body for Life (tm) Coach the system that he well understands, and as a result has trained hundreds of successful transformational Challenge Clients into a life changing experiences as these photographs bear witness to.
Graham has a proven training system, nutritional package and supplement
plan and can get results on one, two or three sessions per week. 




  • Skinfolds (Body-Fat test) every 4 weeks
    (this is charted to show you are actually Losing BODY FAT and not valuable muscle tissue, in some cases we start with girth measurements only .
    Note: Physical weight can be a poor indicator of body composition, and BMR (Body mass Index)is very inacurate, Healy's Health does physical weight combined with skinfold analysis and girth measurements, therfore all bases are covered    



  • Before and After Photos 
    (not compulsory but good to have evidence of your achievements )


  • Nutrition & Supplements 
    Healy's Health has already a tried and tested Nutrition plan and
    supplements that are 100% Australian owned and manufactured and  TGA tested(Therapeutic Goods Administration)
    You can be confidient that we have taken all the guess work out of your nutrition plan.


  • Training Plan 
    Graham Healy has been programming clients for over 30 years and has a tried and tested system that will suit you personally.
    The added bonus is Graham's experience in
    lower back careand the associated disciplines including his famous nautilus manchines as part of his programming
    So the point of difference with Healy's Health is not only are they experienced in the training systems, but they are also very mindfull that not everyone is 21 years old and injury free and do not believe in the 'gun ho' mentality, but gradual and carefull progression to LIFE LONG habitual changes and LIFE LONG FRIENDSHIPS.



    Healy's Health has a philosophy of education and Motivation, in other words we want
    YOU to know WHAT you are doing and WHY ?
    The 'Gun Ho' full of injuries and High Risk  'Boot Camp' mentality dosen't hold any water with Healy's Health after 30 plus years of experience 'Saftey First' is our motto.
    A safe Structured system is the best way to go and we have the RESULTS to prove it.
    "I know pleanty of servicemen who have sustained pleanty of injuries in military 'boot-camp' style training, although I have conducted many martial arts style bootcamps myself, I do so with full knowledge of 'safe practices' and the education of the Instructor has a pivotal part to play in all this 'boot-camp' craze at the moment, including the 'cross-fit' craze.
    The Healys Health system is structured so that any age can participate.
    Fat Loss actually has little to do with the actual exercise (see opposite page)


  • Recommended Computer Diet Diary 
    If your the sort of person who likes recording your calories (not compulsory) but,I do recommend that you download Australia's best Diet Diary and record your fats,carbohydrates and proteins , from my good friend and associate


  • Healy's Health 
    "Lose up to 10 kg body fat in 12 weeks transformation tips" 


  • Download Allan Borushek Computer Program

  • Recomended purchase of Diet Diary and Calorie and Fat counter booklets 

  • Healy's Health will Calibrate exactly what you need Fats, Proteins & Carbohydrates levels
    YOU should be usinging on our program (ie how many Grams of Fat Carbs & Protein)

  • You can use this Oversight Information to enter into the Computer Program

  • and or in a  Manual Diet Diary booklett 

  • Guarenteed FAT LOSS if you follow the System


"A lot of people get confused about Diet & Nutrition & Supplementation .
'Click' the Icon to the left and Graham Healy will give you some simple Boot-Camp Survival Tips from his Kitchen .
The Big enemy 'out there' is 'white sugar' and 'refined foods' but everything has to be balanced out " GH  

Boot Camp Kitchen


  • Allan Borushek (Dietitian) 
    Allan has produced Australia's best Calorie and fat counters for the last 30years and his 'little calorie books' with all the 'cool cartoons' in them are ledgendary
    Click Here to Download (only $44.95 aud) Highly recommended GH

    (note: Healy's Health will Guide you with the correct ratio of fats,carbohydrates,and proteins totals for this computer program , the beauty of Allan Borusheks programe is the graphs and charts it can produce focused on client EDUCATION and MOTIVATION, a fantastic Product I have personally used this program for many years myself GH) .

Healy's Health Education Corner

"Doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result" Defination of Insanity by Albert Einstein 

This is endemic in the fitness industry,where that latest 'gizmo' or 'training system' or 'fitness class' is going to give you the beautiful body and the six-pack abs(if you believe the info-mercial), is this misleading ?
Well yes its is, in fact , it's usually designed to 'rip you off financially' at the end of the day with false hopes and unsubstantiated dreams,little or no education and in reality and never answering any questiions as to  WHAT, WHY,and HOW you are doing an exercise or following a 'so called' system at Healy's Health our purpose is to EDUCATE & MOTIVATE.   

To keep it simple Graham Healy has included in this section some Education Icons ​simply 'click' on the icon and read the article and gradually update yourself , in the meantime,
 take up the offer for an obligation FREE appointment personally with Graham Healy. 

1Kg Fat = 7,700 calories

Click any of the Icons here to get further Information

1 Kg Muscle Burns 120 calories
Quick Fix Diet
Green Beans

Add Green Beans to any
high protein diet , or add to stir fry have in generous amounts GH


The Healy's Quick Fix Diet Plan is simply a tried and tested plan that works GH

Biggest Loser 12 week transform

Firm up
Burn extra 

Calories as a bonus

The Body fat Zone

Body Fat Zones

Fat Loss Hormones

How hormones
Release FAT

lost a pound of FAT

Yep 2.2lb = 1kg 

= 7,700 calories of energy

Click Above to 
Supplements Page

How to Burn the Fat

Click above to B.T.F.

Personal        Protection      

Each one of these 'Healy's Biggest loser'
or 12 week Transformational Challange

Clients achieved Great Results .​


First Prize is YOU 

Its all about changing

 Lifestyle and Bad Habits into Good ones.


Transformation in reality. GH 




  • Does Exercise burns Body-Fat ?
    The reality is that exercise burns very little body fat ,all the 'fat burning' classes and 'fat-burning' zone hype has been proven scientifically incorrect.


  • When do I then really Burn Body-Fat if not while I'm Exercising ?
    The Answer is in the 24 hour cycle in-between exercise bouts, yes while you're NOT EXERCISING you burn the most amount of FAT!  
    (refer our Education Corner at bottom left of page)


  • But I've been told by my Trainer and my Gym that I need to Exercise to lose Body fat?
    Yes but what they didn't tell you is the TRUTH or they simply didn't understand the scientific facts (which is common,and ignorance abounds, education in reasons WHY is important at Healy's Health)



  • What is the TRUTH ?
    At rest the body almost uses 100% body fat as fuel , during Exercise the body in fact mainly uses chemical energy systems(requiring no oxygen) and very little aerobic energy systems,more especially chemical energy systems are used in the High intensity exercise routeens.

  • What does Exercise Do then ?
    It Stimulates the body's systems into a faster metabolistic phasing, but 99% of all body fat consumed by the body is when you are at rest (inbetween exercise bouts) 


  • HOW ?
    Please Explain? 

    One Kilo of Body fat = 7,700 calories,
    now 30 minutes of exercise of moderate intensity burns about 300 calories. Therefore 7,700 calories divided by 300 calories = 25.66 hours of exercise, so uless you have a job as a 'bricklayer' rather then an 'office job' how are you going to burn off the extra kilos? over 5 hours a day by 5 days ? to physically burn one kilo of body-fat ?Huh ?

  • Exercise it off ? 
    Think again,exercise is important but not for 'Fat burning' reasons.
    (ask Healys Health


  • One Kilo of Muscle burns about 120 calories
    So this is one way of increasing your metabolism, but HOW?


  • But I don't want to BULK UP ! 
    Bulk-up simply means FAT-UP
     I have had to re educate hundreds of clients on this misconception(see Facts below)

    Fact 1.
    Not one of Healy's Health transformational challenge clients have ever 'BULKED UP'
    i.e.(got fatter) 

    Fact 2.
    Females in the Healy's Health Transformational challenge usually drop up to 50% of their original skinfold measurements on their legs
    (remember the female "I want to reduce my 'hip,butt,thighs" scenarios?
    and Men stomach,hips,chest ?

    well Healy's Health has 100% success rate EVERY TIME if you stick to the plan!

    Fact 3.
    Healys Health Guarentee
    You will reduce up to 10 kg of measurable Body-fat in 12 weeks
    if you follow the plan,and therefore become Leaner,Fitter,Healther and Happier and the bonus is that you will permanently change your previous 'bad habits' into 'good ones'

  • giving up smoking

  • reduce alcohol consumption

  • reducing high Cholesterol 

  • normalizing blood pressure readings

  • excessive eating disorders

  • addictions to sugar laced foods

  • Negative Mindsets into Positive Mindsets

  • balance the body's biomechanics,physical and hormonal  

  • reduce joint stress by Healy's Health systematic lower back care and stretching systems 

  • Understand Why ,What and HOW
    you are doing anything in the Healy's Health system through a Total Re-Education Process 

                   at the same Time 



  • Reducing your Calorie (food) intake is another method ?
    But you have to be careful there because if you reduce your calorie intake too much and not in the correct protein,fats and carbohydrate ratios you will loose muscle tissue first and not body-fat !
    Therefore DECREASING your

  • I Don't Need Supplements Natural Food is all I need ! Really ?
    Think again , the facts are that within 30 minutes post exercise the body  forms
    cortisols which can lead to muscle breakdown and slow down your metabolism negatively,quickly entering into system rebound (Diet yo yo effect) and Normal food takes 'hours' to digest into the system 

  • Why do you need Supplements as well as normal food ?
    Liquid nutrients and amino acids are required by the body within the 'window of opportunity' post training within a 30 minute window. The fastest way to do this is with Healy's Health prefered supplement range Australian made 


  • Natural Food
    Yes in the 24 hour cycle inbetween exercise bouts we eat normal healthly food as prescribed by Healy's Health nutritional plan and system, its simple and effective and tasts great


  • Putting it all together 
    All the confusion on Fat loss can be solved at Healy's Health .



Fats that Heal Fats that Kill

'Fats that Heal Fats that Kill'
by Udo Eramus Ph D
recommended by GH



Healy's prefered Supplements 100% Australian

owned manufactured in Brisbane (click below).GH

Urban Muscle Supplements
12 Week Transformation challenge
Graham Healy
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