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As one of the Founding Instructors of Yun Jung Do in 1990 and a financial investor to and part of Telvision adds and the establishment of YJD   we were included in the original Membership Manual and documation including written references by Grandmaster Yun.  

Graham Healy took the DNA as a founding Instructor and developed

Healy's freestyle Tae Kwon Do and Integrated Combat Solutions .

The Essence of Grandmaster Yun's kicking combinations are contained

in these Patterns and the 'secret DNA' lies within. GH

OVER THE YEARS there has been many misguided and misinformed methods on why a certain Pattern or Tul was taught . Graham Healy as a Founding International Instructor trained full time by Grandmaster Yun understands every DNA Detail of ever kick and punch and WHY its done.

The Patterns or Tuls have to have the Intensity and FOCUS and technique of what they were orignally intended , when they are broken down into individual movements they become 'skills and drills' that can be practiced as 'individual combinations' in a 'self-defense' situation .
Graham Healy further EVOLVED the YJD patterns seen here and extracted the 'skills and drills' and applied these 'portions' into Integrated Combat Solutions.
Grandmaster Yun was former chairman of tecnique for ITF when General Choi (ITF Founder) was still fit and well , and when the General first met GM Yun (in the korean Army)

Gen Choi described GM Yun as a 'Hot Chili' the rest is history .(Grandmaster Yun's history click here)
I have seen GM Yun in action and he is of the 'old school' of Martial Arts Masters that delivers focused 'one hit devistating strikes' very much like a
'steel sprung trap' once initiated 'its all over' (in the true 'let your first one be the best' one philosophy), the focus , intensity and technique of GM YUN was mind boggling.
On the flip side GM Yun kept a philosophy of 'anti violence' and 'peace and harmony' or 'Love ,Care and Protection, he was not happy personally about the direction of tournaments
and  the moving away from martial
'Art' as an Art and not a 'sport' full of various Rules and watered down techniques was diametrically opposed to GM Yun's views.

Graham Healy's  as a former competive boxer and martial artist also agrees with the base philosophy of GM Yun , in that Integrated Combat Solutions  is not about competition and the 'using another human being for a public 'punching bag' for the entertainment of others, but in fact believes in the fundemental Human right of Self-Defense however at the same time does not believe in the Violence and brutal mentality  displayed by so many martial arts groups and organizations, certainly the opposite of 'love your Neighbour'.
Graham Healy as a  qualified committed Christian Minister  has a totally different 'mindset' and 'spirit' about his classes and views on martial arts and how and what is taught, as do the various martial arts systems, where for example in most of the Japanese systems worship and 'wake up' dead spirits' before classes, or have a 'buddhist philospohy' (Korean)

and spirit' behind the system, this is 'real to them' and in many cases the 'motivating force' behind the Classes ultimately boiling down to an 'idol worship triangle structure'.

Integrated Combat Solutions and Graham Healy seperates himself totally from these influences over his teachings and classes in self-defense our classes are open and friendly and 'empowering' rather then 'controlling and dominating' we are here to 'learn' in a 'light and friendly' atmosphere and treat every student with 'mutual respect' and a spirit of Love,care and protection prevales, ultimately the Instructor or Masters 'spirit' is what will govern the outcomes in a class or school. 

Jesus Christ is Lord over my life and 'the anointing of the holy spirit' controls my actions. I respect everybody's right to believe in what they want to and 'seek' this mans philosophy or that, but at the end of the day whatever somebody 'believes in' will be the 'spirit behind' his or her motivations be it martial arts,Self-Defense,or life in general .
I just wanted to make that point clear to the reader , this is not critical of anybody else , but is my journey and how I have have seen the attitudes and mentalities over the years with the various self-defense systems and martial arts , I just want to make it clear to the reader what Graham Healy motivating spirit is (with respect to everybody else) .GH       

Graham Healy MYITF

Graham Healy as

Chief Instrutor of MYITF
North Queensland 1989
Master Yun International

Tae Kwon Do Federation 

Graham Healy (Centre) Founding one of founding Instructors of Yun Jung Do 


Video's of Patterns by Graham Healy

Flash Back in Time

Ya Gee Pattern-Tul- by Graham Healy YJD-Demo
1991 King George Sq Brisbane

1.(1st Degree Black Belt to 2nd Degree)
  Moo Kong Pattern 
By Graham Healy 2007

4.(Red Belt to Black tip) Ya Gee Pattern-Tul
by Graham Healy 2007

3.(Black tip to  Black Belt)
  Ja Shin Pattern 
By Graham Healy 2012

7.(Blue tip to Blue Belt)
 York Man pattern

6.(Blue Belt to Red tip)
 Do Yah Tul/ pattern

10. (White Belt to Green Tip)
     Ke Bon Pattern

9.(Green tip to Green Belt)
 Dan Jun pattern

2.(Black Belt to 1st degree Black Belt)
     Cook Kee Tul/Pattern

3.(Black tip to  Black Belt)
  Ja Shin Pattern (Slow Motion) 

By Graham Healy 2012

5.(Red tip to Red Belt)
 Kum Yang Tul/ pattern

8.(Green belt to Blue Tip)
Bah Ah Pattern

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