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STRETCHING is such a misunderstood term regarding the methodology
and what sort of 'stretching' is preformed for what specific reason.
In Depth Knowledge about the different forms of stretching and what physical function they complement is critical in the Healy's Health Approach .
The most authoritave book on stretching is
'Stretching Scientifically' by Thomas kurtz MSc. If you have the time to read that its well worth it and the base upon which Healy's Health has written many programs .
     Generally much mis-information is 'out there' regarding the functional purpose of stretching ,confusing, and often impractical for the function preformed . Bottom line is 'horses for courses' GH

Healy's Systematic Scientific Stretching 

To give you an overview here is a typical Healy's Stretching class , most classes include all of these stretches , however , depending on the time, and the purpose of the class, it may be modified slightly.As we specialize in lower back and spine and neck problems , we modify according to the clients we have in the class.Graham is available for 'one to one' stretching classes  and can do this in co-operation with our chiropractors and lower limb specialists and acupucturists. 

Healys Stretching Class details 

  • General limb and body warm up , light run,walk etc

  • Bridging exercises (Glutes,quads,hamstrings)

  • Abs cobra stretches 

  • bridges on all fours (opposite hand and foot ) held out in isometric contractions
    (this is for lower back)

  • bridges on ground (opposite hand and foot)(this is for lower back)

  • Rocking horse (while grabbing knees while lying on your back)
    (stretch lower back isometrically

  • Knee rotations (while hanging on with arms) (works hip rotators)

  • Psoas stretch (pull knee across body to opposite shoulder)
    (Hip flexor /lower back stretch)

  • Figure 4 stretch (Piriformis stretch)
    attaches to lower part of spine/sacrum)

  • Seated hamstring/lat stetch 

  • abductor/adductor stretch 

  • lower back/groin stretch 

  • seated hurdel stretch (hamstrings/lower back/lats)

  • 'side to side' seated  stretch (lats/hamstrings/quadratus lumborum/external/interal abs)

  • Lunge stretch (quads/hamstrings/psoas/calves/abductors)

  • neck stretching (in all directions 8 directions with all muscle atchments especially

  • knees/claves/shoulders/wrists/chest

    To really understand WHY you are covering the various muscle groups , the teacher
    has to have a clear knowledge of the anatomy and the function of the muscle groups
    and the purpose of the functional stretching.
    Graham Healy conducts all stretching classes personally to make sure this happens.

    During a class , Graham will explain why and what muscle groups we are stretching ,
    How and Why?.
    This is all part of the Education and Motivation philosophy at Healy's Health .

Hamstring Stretching
Need a 'one to one' stretching Class with Graham Book Here

Graham Healy

      Special Techniques


  • Foam Rollers
    for Trigger points 


  • Broomstick stretches
    for Shoulders/Tri's/Bi's


  • Bullworker Isometric
    Isometric Stretches 

  • Mid Back seperation
    pull troublesome mid back
    (rhomboids) back in place
    (in-between shoulder blades)



introduction,Core strength etc 

Chest,Back & Triceps,Quadriceps 

Piriformis, IIiopsoas hip flexors


Personal Stretching session with Graham Healy 

Stetching has several methods Dynamic, Isometric, PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) ,Relaxed stretching , Ballistic, all these methods pivot on what kind of action they are preparing you to preform .For example relaxed 'yoga type' stretches before martial arts class that require 'explosive' power kicks could result in tearing of the muscle(due to the muscle being relaxed when the requirement is explosive power) The type of stretching must 'reflect' the resultant 'action' preformed in the 'sport' or 'activity' and there is a fine line regarding stretching, form and practical function .(refer buttons below)
Healy's Health understand this and summerise the concepts in the 'horses for courses' principal, which means tailoring the different kinds of stretching in preparation for different kinds of action preformed and the  purpose required (like lower back care, Injury recovery etc. with the required  'end result in mind'. GH 

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