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Back Pain in

Martial Arts ? 

Enormous forces are at play when you KICK certain way . The average martial artist has no idea of the negative impact on the body of consistantly kicking punching pads etc and equally receiving injuries if they are involved in combat sport. 

IF the Vertebra is only

'1' millimetre out this can

cause serious back pain

Through Nerve impingement 

Yin-Yang Effect

As I explain in these Diagrams the FORCES at play and the IMPACT on the SPINE and especially the LOWER BACK AREA 

see solutions on our stretching page and serious Martial Arts person understands the Yin & Yang hard & Soft approach 

whatever is 'hard on the Body' has to be counterbalanced by 'the soft'

the diagrams are self explainatory GH 


Yin-Yang Effect
Spinal Cord with Nerve Extrusions

The Healy's Process

  1. Xray of complete spine 

  2. Analysis by our qualified Chiropractor 

  3. Ajustment of Spine and Hips if required

  4. Nuero resetting of the muscular patterns by rehabilation through the Healy's nautilus Lower back and torso twist machines as well as other whole body exercise & specific Stretching to compliment the chiropractic adjustments 

  5. Acupuncturists assistance in Nuero resetting

  6. Lower Limb expert for Peripheral extremities (hips,knees & feet)  

  7. Maintenence programming 

Spinal Cord with Nerve Extrusions
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