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Graham's Private Studio
  • One to One Training 

  • Personal service and Atmosphere

  • Lower back care

  • Be Informed and Educated while you train 

  • Find out HOW, WHAT & WHY something Works

  • Accelerate/Fast Track your Learning process in all areas:

  • Training periodization and cycles 

  • Strength & Conditioning

  • Weightloss (fat loss)

  • Muscle Gain(and Fat loss at the same time) 

  • 12 week transformational Challenges(Lose up to 10kg fat) 

  • Correct techniques and Why and HOW it works 

  • Nutrition and Supplements 

  • Self-Defence Techniques/Personal Protection

Learn Direct from Graham Healy

"As a student over the years I only Learned what I know from the Best, I now give you an opportunity to do the same "


Graham Healy founder Healy's Health 1985

Book a Private Session or Sessions with Graham 
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Note: "what we normally do is have a Obligation Free Interview ​to determine what is best for you and to discuss how we can help you . There is definately no obligation whatsoever, I will just summerise and overview how we can help you the rest is entirely up to you to make an 'informed' decision from there".GH  

Equipment at Graham's Private Studio 

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