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After (in some cases) years of pain and suffering the traditional system and methods could not FIX clients come to us and here are some of the testimonies and many others that we have not listed.



Micheal Stoddard Testimonial
Healy's Health Preferred Health Professionals
Dr Marshal Montgomery

Dr.marshal Montgomery


          Biggera Waters


There is a lot of confusion out in the market place about what Chiropractic is compared to the other disciplines like Medical Dr. (GP) or a Physio, or a Ostiopath . fact is a Chiropractor does a 5 year Science Masters degree at University
(In Australia) and has the Legal right to be called a Doctor (Dr.) of Chiropratic .
The first 2 years of university are basically the same as a Medical Dr. thereafter the Dr. of Chiropratic specializes in Bio-mechanics in in fact a Chiropractor is a Master of Neuro-Muscular and Bio-Mechanics diagnosis of the Body

(The clinical hours spent on understanding the spine and associated complications and intricies in the 5 year science Doctrate far exceeds medical GP's or physiotherapists base university training in this specific area of clinical science)
The Chiropractor operates around a system called 'VITALISM' which believes the body can heal itself (provided all nerves,cells,spine structures etc are in perfect harmony and working order that can allow the flow of vital forces-energy-nerves within the body system to flow freely
(without impingement )
Chiropractic believe in a INSIDE OUT methodology.
Medical Disciplines believe in the OUTSIDE IN methods of healing the body ,

or Mechanistic for example the body is infected with a virus and a suitable medication is applied externally and given to the patient.

Chiropractic believes that if the body is operating perfectly functionally if the immune and structural system is 100% functional, then
minimal external applications and interventions are necessary.
(Obvioulsy common sense applies here and there is cross-overs points)

The Chiropractic view of Health is more inlign with Eastern medicine and philosophy although acknowledges there are practical points of cross-over between East and Western methology,.

for full definations and links 'click' on the document tab below GH

Healy's Health Preferred Health Professionals

Client Testimonies and Support Health Specialists: 

Below are clients that came to seek out Graham Healy at Healys Health , their only regret is that they didn't find us sooner.(the PFD file is attached to the Clients Name,please 'click' and the full pdf will download) GH 
  Defination of Insanity "Doing the same thing over and over again
 expecting a different result" Albert Einstein 


The Bottom Line is Results 

Dr. Paul Ryan (Chiropractor)


Dr.Harminder Singh (Dentist)
Heritage Dental Indooroopilly

Joan Xia Acupuncturist (Registered by AHPRA)Chinese Qual.

Jason McLellan(lower Limb)
Taringa , Kenmore,Toowoong Area

Dr.Andrew Orr

Andrew Orr (Shen Therapies,Acupunture,

  Biomesothotherpy,Chinese Med) Jamboree Heights


Tweed Central Chiropractic

Founded by Dr Benjamin Holtsbaum, BSc, M.Chiro.
Ben graduated at MacQuarie University in the year 2000 and has been in private practice for over 17 years. Having also worked as a clinic supervisor with the MacQuarie University's Department of Chiropractic for 5 years he has been at the forefront of the latest in Chiropractic care and brings to Tweed Heads his extensive experience.


All of the above health professionals are the Top in their respective fields and Graham Healy has had a direct working relationship with all of the above.
My policy is that I never refer to a Health practicioner that I have not built a good working relationship with first personally and then I refer my clients into their care having confidence that Healys Health Clients are in the best available hands .
Also The above health professionals work in with Healy's Health to give a BIG PICTURE TO CLIENTS and that INFORMED HEALTH CHOICES ARE CRYSTAL CLEAR with a Goal of holestic health balanced choices

   Clients Testimonies: more testimonies 

So all of the above have gone 'elsewhere' and spent a lot of time, money and spent many hours 'in pain' unnecessarily , in many cases 10years, 17 years , complete lifetimes of Lower back and spine pain .
The Healys Health system Works contact us today simply

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