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Postural Alignment and Analysis and muscular imbalances is a big subject.
Basically , the body should be in synergy to function correctly.
External pressures like your kind of occupation, sport, birth defects, accidents and injuries all effect that muscular skeletal balance.
Also the fact of the matter is that some muscles are naturally tonic (tighten by nature) and phasic (loosen by nature) .
So you always have a 'Jin and Yan' situation happening naturally within the muscle groups .
                     Healy's Health is well aware of this BALANCE . 

Postural Alignment

Bicep Femoris or Hamstring


Are at the back of the legs as you can see attached to the hip girdle and are like
2 large elastic bands from the hip girdle to behind the knee.
These muscles in particular are generally very weak in most people due to office work scenarios (i.e. sitting down all day).
Disproportionate tension of the hamstrings for example the right pulls harder then the left and as you can see on this attached article  that will directly effect the pull on the hip girdle of which the spine sits in attached by ligaments and tendons.
Net result your back alignment can be seriously effected by disproportionate hamstring muscle pull.


How do you correct it ?


I have found and many well known athletes have found that stiff legged dead lifts ( light weights) done through the full range of motion will eliminate the disproportionate pull of the hamstrings and bring the hip girdle back into balance in amazingly short periods of time (4-6 Weeks Generally).
(Note: when I say Stiff Legged dead-lifts the legs do not have to be completely straight , if they are bent slightly is better.) GH


Pain associated with lower back ?


Generally this is due to either the hip or spine or both being disproportionately pulled by one muscle group or the other and as a result generally the spine ,in particular the vertrbrae pressing on a nerve extrusion.
(for example the sciatica nerve runs from the lower back down the back of the leg to the heel and can cause excruciating pain as a result).


Traditional Treatments?

Doctors generally prescribe painkillers, physios may prescribe different forms of exercise ( they will not prescribe stiff legged dead lifts) Chiropractors will adjust mis-alignment of the spine usually the 'root cause' and Healy's 'Preferred Treatment' .

However, the chiropractor can only adjust but not change the muscle synergy you must do exercises specifically for that purpose .
I have found stiff legged dead lifts one of the key exercises that has helped me and hundreds of clients, plus of course the complete Healy's stretching system.
However, the 'almost stiff legged' deadlifts are the base exercise that produces effective results in 'balancing out the hamstrings,which are the main contributor to 'unbalancing' the spinal base which is the hip girdle in which the spine sits.

Healys Health is about uncovering the foundational Root Causes of the problems
not 'band-aid' time waisting methodologies.  

                      RESULTS IS WHAT HEALYS WANT FOR YOU   

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Yin-Yang Effect

Postural Alignment of the body's muscular system with tonic and phasic 'yin-yang' effect.

Hamstring and Erector Spinae Stretch

the Hamstrings are stretched and contracted Light weight only used.

Trigger Point Chart available  on 
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Trigger Point Therapy
       By Clair Davies
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