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we had to put $5 in the price to get on FB adds GH

Today there is so much marketing of PURE RUBBISH!
At Healys we will EXPOSE THIS RUBBISH for what it is, so that clients can make EDUCATED INFORMED CHOICES on QUALITY and Proven long term science and Quality Products.
Our "BRAINS TRUST" of over 120 years of collective experience will act as a screen for you as we navigate for all of our valued Clients and patients ,we believe in keeping everything (in the family & personalised).
Holistic Health is a balance on Mind, Body & Spirit 
Contact us on Mob 0411 393 503
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#MYTHS BUSTED PAGE (with pdf files to download)
Graham Healy founder of Healys Health & Wellness 1985
Qualified TAFE Teacher , Master personal Trainer 40 years Experience
(Current studies Medical science/chiropratic )
Dr. Mathew Bambling (Pschologist & reasearch bio-chermist/scientist)
More on Dr. Matts bio :
Dr.Marshall Montgommery (Chiropractor and Natural Medicine avocate) 

More info on Dr.Marshal and the Team



  • PDF files on # Myth Busting will be loaded on this page periodically, please also search the Health Health web site as I have loaded 25 years of information on this site .
    Any specific questions just email us with a "bullet point" request and we will look at it for you, we mainly do this for Healys clients and patients, if the Inquiry is one that requires considerable research and depth (for example a disease or heath condition ) then we suggest you make an apointment direct and join the Healys Health & Wellness Clients & patients List so that we can be more of a direct benefit when we are 'Treating' the situation after you have gatherered the information to make an INFORMED CHOICE .
    Thankyou and remember :
    "your heath is your greatest asset"
    Graham Healy founder Healys Health & Wellbeing 1985

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