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The Brain the Nerve Central Control centre

Neuro Factors 

Fact is that Your Brain's Nervous system travels down your spine and out through the extruding nerves in your spine to every cell and muscle in your body controlling the function of all body organs and providing a pathway or feed-back continueously backwards and forwards.
Anything to interupt this nerve impluse flow can result in a sustained negative neuro-pattern and the system accepts that as 'normal'  the structure (spine) has to be reset in order for normal nerve flow to recommense .

Nerve Impulses reset muscular patterns (+ or -) 

The Brain the Nerve Central Control centre
Lower back nerves
Nerves Electrical Impulses + or -
Spinal Cord with Nerve Extrusions

Fact is that the Healy's System working in synergy with our Chriropractors ,Acupuntrists and lower Limb experts has been well aware of the neuro-patterns that are set by injury to the spine and nerve system for over 20 years now.
It is generally overlooked by the tradational medical systems and processes.
As a result Healys Health receives clients as a "last port of call' after all the other treatments have failed miserably . See our TESTIMONAL PAGE .
We completely understand that once the STRUCTURE is re-alinged(ie the Spine) that the nerve pathways are free to restore the body's systems to its CORRECT FUNCTIONING STRUCTURE and the muscles whose natural responce to an injury or a postural mis-alingment will be for the muscles  to "hold the Injury' in place in responce to an injury or mis-alignment of the body structure(skeletal structure)  or spine in particular (see page on postural alignement). 
This can cause muscular 'Trigger points' (or knotting of the muscle fibres compounding the injury and perpetuating the pain and immobility issues (ie frozen shoulder,sciatica,lower back pain,neck pain,headaches,and remote pain not related to the actual point of origin (deferred pain) for example) see our page on Stretching and trigger points here:  

Our system is scientific and it gets RESULTS FAST.
(usually within 2 to 6 weeks) and compared to 10years or more that many clients 'put up with their Injuries' and 'pain' (see testimonies)doing the round circle process of medications and massage withour solving the ROOT CAUSE of the problem. This is not the fault of the client ,but they become 'caught up' in the traditional system , that refuses to 'look out of the Box' in a more wholistic view.
                      The Healys Health System does the following Process:


  1. Xray of complete spine 

  2. Analysis by our qualified Chiropractor 

  3. Ajustment of Spine and Hips if required

  4. Nuero resetting of the muscular patterns by rehabilation through the Healy's nautilus Lower back and torso twist machines as well as other whole body exercise & specific Stretching to compliment the chiropractic adjustments 

  5. Acupuncturists assistance in Nuero resetting

  6. Lower Limb expert for Peripheral extremities (hips,knees & feet)  

  7. Maintenence programming 

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