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Self-Defense Association

ISDA founder Graham Healy conducts Workshops with mutually benficial associates , this can be through the vehical of Integrated combat Solutions , or it can be by selected guest Instructors that are 'hand picked' by Master Graham Healy for their 'skills and drills' contribution to the overall ISDA philosophy.

Each Martial Art has their 'element' of 'basic skills & drills' that are the fundemental BASE upon which they are built, in the true spirit of the late and great Bruce Lee 'absorbing what is useful' is the Key philosophy of ISDA founder Graham Healy.

Some past History photo's of ISDA founded in 2000 by Graham Healy it is also worthy to note that only Graham Healy produced any base funds for this organization , in fact organized considerable amount of sponsorship (legally paid to Healy's Health and legally belonged to Healy's Health ) once again as Graham Healy founded Healy's Commando Krav maga in Australia in 2007 , Healy's feestyle Tae Kwon Do and Boxing Academy and many other pioneering efforts he has learned one important lesson .
Regarding money and that is "its is the ultimate test of a man's INTEGRITY and reflects on his TRUE HEART" this is why I am very carefull who I associate with now or in the future 'been there and done that' with the 'committee mentalities' as verses the Leadership mentalities, and the NON CONTRIBUTORS who pay nothing and undermine and white-ant  people of VISION , at the end of the day the ISDA VISION continues and Graham Healy has reached all the set goals of this association and the people of INTEGRITY are connected to Graham Healy and those with no Integrity are not conclusion "Pure Gold Does Not F
ear the Test of Fire" GH


As detailed above here is another historical fact with the original founding of ISDA

by Graham Healy and his wife Petrina Chan-Healy (sadly passed away 17th Aug 2013) 
Lost Money or run at a loss 
However, when Graham Healy released responsibility of organizing seminars namely Mossman 2005 and Camp Warrie  to others in 2002
the trouble started , another very hard lesson learned .
Do not let others who can not organize themselves personally or in business do anything any bigger?.

is a independant business that has achieved all the Goals it set out to do starting in 2000
Now ISDA only associates with individuals with credible personal track records at Master Graham Healy's discretion 
built on long term personal 'proven relationships'


"Pure Gold does not fear the test of fire"

Foot Note: The above-mentioned historical evolution of ISDA has broken free of in every respect the 'entanglements of those past events' as detailed in the attached documents.
As of 2013 Master Peter Wong remains a adviser at Large for Graham Healy and ISDA and Grandmaster Bernie Korent still is honored as ISDA first HALL of FAME foundational member as remains as a respected close and personal friend , Grandmaster Korent has now been promoted to 9th Dan and a 'Professor' of Martial Arts.
Latu Leonga formerly ITF ,MYITF and  Yun Jung Do  from Auckland New Zealand remains a long and trusted friend of Graham Healy and ISDA to this day.   

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