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Women's self defense

  • Safe Enviroment 
  • Non Threatening 
  • Practical
  • Easy to Learn & Effective
Easy as 1,2,3 keep it simple & effective
womens-Combat Class
womens Self-Defense

Graham Healy Seen here teaching Self-Defence 1991

Womens self defence

The women’s Self defence is simply a ‘women’s only class’ of our self-defence classes.

Respecting the Ladies who may feel self conscious in a mixed class.
Quite often Ladies start off in this class and after a while they gain confidence and have no problems with attending the general ‘mixed classes as well’ 

The overview of women’s self defence ‘skills and drills’ are :

  • Healy’s Boxing ‘skills and drills

  • Healy’s Tae kwon do and

  • Healy's basic kick boxing ‘skills and drills’

  • Healy’s Integrated combat solutions ‘skills and drills’ this involves the close quarter combat activities gleamed from

  • Healy’s Commando Krav maga and Major Avi Nardia’s  Israeli kapap combative ‘skills and drills’ and includes various ‘releases’ from ‘locks and holds’, gun, knife defence etc

Safe Environment & Friendly 

  • all of the above is done in a ‘risk free’ safe and friendly environment
    and this emphasis is with all Healy’s self-defence classes .
    The emphasis is on ‘technical’ knowledge rather then ‘brute force’ , working on the ‘David and Goliath’ principal and that is ‘strike the target(or vital point) with absolute accuracy, and never play the attacker at their own game.(Especially if your a lady, you need an equalizer and ,vital point targeting is the equalizer ).

Types of Classes ?

  • Private one to one or  small groups by appointment 

  • Group Classes  

  • Corporate Class for companies employees and businesses 
    whatever your requirement Graham Healy can adapt to that requirement
    as he has personally run hundreds of classes over the last 40 years, these are Fun , enjoyable and effective  


ladies Self Defense
David-Goliath factor

Self Defence is like FIRST AID 

There when you need it!


Graduates Ladies Self Defence

Graduates of the Corporate Self-Defence course held at one of Brisbane's Legal Firms after one of the staff was attacked in Eagle street in front of the offices GH

One of the Ladies that contacted Graham Healy after being​

attacked in a park one night , here demonstrating counter to choke hold with elbow strike GH

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