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Safety First Safety Last

Healy's Integrated Combat Solutions Commando Krav Maga

 Healy's Integrated combat Solutions combines

  • Boxing

  •  Tae Kwon Do

  •  Basic kick Boxing

  •  Healy's Commando Krav Maga / Kapap into an integrated system.

 Duty of care and awareness of risk management is at the forefront of our  systems teaching philosophy.
 For more information refer to Healys commando Krav Maga
 or fill out the form below.


Word of Caution from Graham Healy 
Risk Management & Duty of Care is a term not really understood by most of the 'Combat Class Teachers' .

In the Commercialization of this kind of 'Reality Self-Defence' you naturally attract 'War Hero's' with various claims (many of them unvarifiable) with no formal teaching qualifications and setting up businesses 'under the radar' with in many cases 'shady backgrounds' and 'even shadier connections'.


The reason why I say this is that the legalities of what you teach will reflect back on YOU .


will only Associate with credible Instructors and teachers with a confirmed 'safety checked' background.
Graham Healy personally conducts security and background checks to insure that any workshop or seminar conducted by Healy's (other then classes conducted by Graham Healy personally) are screened for teaching ability and 'safety first safety last attitudes' 

Your Negligence or lack of Duty of care or your ignorance of common law.


  • Every Human Being has a Legal Right to Self Defence 

  • You do not however have the right to inflict uncontrolled Violence to
    anybody and the self-defence scenarios have to be balanced out legally & morally.

  • Techniques can be taught SAFELY and in a CONTROLLED MANNER
    with full legal Duty of Care and Risk management in Mind

  • Classes at Healy's Integrated Combat Solutions are designed to be SAFE & Enjoyable and non-threatening suitable for male & female.

  • The Focus at Healy's Integrated Combat Solutions is to be able to Nutralize an attack not perpetuated it .

  • Every Class at Healy's Integrated Combat Solutions has a teaching and learning Focus on 'skills & Drills'.

  • Ego's and agressive attitudes are not tolerated at Healy's Integrated Combat Solutions and Healy's reserve the right to remove any participant at any time for this reason.

  • 'Skills & drills' are defined as various case scenarios and techniques that a student can 'escape' or 'nutralize' an attack in a self-defence scenario

  • Letter of the Common Law is always observed at Healy's Integrated Combat Solutions and safety of class participants is a priority.


     Is Simply Repetition of the Correct Technique 
   "It takes 1,000 reps to learn a 'endgram' 'brain circuit' remember  
    technique without thinking (muscle memory) , however it thats 5,000
    reps to unlearn a 'bad technique' .

            So it pays to GET IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME 


I will expand on the above bullet points for specific details GH

  • Boxing 
    The 'Skills and drills' of boxing are grossly underestimated by the martial arts faternity in general . This is not the policy at Healy's in fact boxing is our original PLATFORM and Remains to be so and its is the Base upon which we have built all the other skills .
    During a Class you will learn the 'skills and drills' of
    Healy's Boxing in a safe and enjoyable manner .
    you don't have to be a professional boxer to learn professional boxing'skills and drills ' for self defence purposes.
    The principals of movement in boxing ,footwork, speed and timing are a fundemental base for everything we teach at Healy's .
    Classes suitable for male and females.


  • Tae kwon Do 
    Over 15 years with two founding Tae Kwon Do Masters is
    Graham Healy's background  and not just a student but as a professional 'full time' Chief Instructor.
    Out of that experience what will you learn ?
    The 'Skills & Drills' of international leve Tae Kwon Do kicks and how to execute them down to every technical detail .
    Graham was a full time professional Instructor with Grand Master Yun former chairmain of technique world wide for ITF (international Tae kwon Do federation)
    TKD esentually focuses on the kicks of Tae keon (Korean foot fighting) and the hands were basically karate .
    Healy's blends in Boxing hands to TKD for the speed,power,timing factors and this works beautifully.
    The 'skills & drills ' of TKD are taught by Graham Healy at their technical excellence having been taught personally by the Best .
    You will learn the original and best way of TKD kicks for 'long range' self defence.


  • Basic kick Boxing
    Basic Kick Boxing 'skills and drills' Graham Healy has spent considerable time being mentored by Jason white student of multiple world kickboxing champ J W Parr and Jason has geat 'skills & Drills' and a TKD background too.
    The great part about this is that the basic Kick Boxing skills and drills fit in beautifully with the Healy's TKD kicks .

    What is the difference between TKD kicks and kick Boxing kicks ?

       At the Hip Joint to the Knee (the way the Healy's /Jason White system
       is) NOTHING .
       The only difference is with Kick Boxing the attacking tools are shorter
       and closer (lower part of Shin as verses the ball and heel of the foot in
       TKD) so by defination kick-boxing 'skills & drills' are 'slightly closer
       range then TKD would be .
       The Good News is is that you can learn all the applicable kick boxing  
       'skills and drills' on the punching bags and focus mits without the trips

       to Tailand if you don't want to make a career as a professional Tai

       fighter (which most people don't choose this lifestyle of 'hard knocks')
       but, you can learn the 'skills and drills' correctly for self-defence


       Graham Healy has taught these skills and drills in his general 'power
       kick and boxing class' as a general 'fitness class' and is a great way
learn them.


  • Healy's Commando Krav Maga/Kapap blended into an Integrated Combat system.
    These systems are definate close quarter , and the scenarios are if an   attacker grabs you in locks and holds , standing and on the ground, uses knifes or guns in those attackes .
    The Israel's are expert at this kind of close quarter combat and are recognized the world over as 'the specialists ' in this field .

    However, because of commercialization of this many disruptable persons have got involved in this area and the advertised militarty background or training expertise does not necessarily match the 'reality'.
    Graham Healy has carfully screened these 'experts' and been taught by Isreal Commando Moni Aizik and more recently Major Avi Nardia one of the founders of Kapap,both these men have impeckable background profiles and are world class instructors.

    How does this fit in  with Healy's Intergrated Combat Solutions?

    The Final piece in the jigsaw puzzel of the different levels of self-defence long range,medium range, and finally close range has all bases covered.
    Also the self-defence against knife and Guns is important in todays real world.
    Graham Healy has blended elements of the above into the overall 'skills and drills' mix of Healy's Integrated Combat Solutions such as

  • Releases of Grabs Locks and Holds Standing and on the Ground

  • How to fall and roll safely on hard surfaces 

  • Knife disarms

  • Gun disarms 

  • Restraint & securing holds on attackers while police arrive etc 

  • Security strategy's 

  • Real world scenarios and self-defence in Todays enviroment 

  • These Elements are blended together and are encapsulated by the term HEALY'S INTEGRATED COMBAT SOLUTIONS 
    (REFER our SYLLABUS at top of page) 

    Chief Instructor

    Diploma Fitness & Sports Coaching ACSD
    Australian Government recognized education Qualification
    Affiliate Licence to teach Cert 4 & 4 Fitness & Sports Coaching

    Legal implications and duty of care and responsibilities 


Graham Healy and Dave demonstrates defence to rear Choke

Dave and Graham Healy demonstrate Counter to High section 1/2 Turn Kick

Dave and Graham Healy Demonstrate counter to slashing knife attack 

Graham Comment:
Many 'so called' Reality based systems teach with a very aggressive attitude
'hyping up' beginners with 'the fear factor' this is absolute amateurish rubbish
A true professional fighter or soldier or 'special services' trained operative is as 'cool as a cucumber' 'professional in the execution of technique' and 'confident' in what they are teaching 'without the hype' and the BS. 
Healy's Integrated Combat solutions are only interested in teaching what works and has gleamed the techniques taught at ICS  from 'True' professionals with credible backgrounds and ICS associates only with the teachers and Masters with proven track records with impeckable 'quality' credentials.GH

Gun Disarming

All gun & Knife disarms are practiced with Rubber practice weapons
with full Safety & duty of Care applied

Gun Disarming

A "step by step" (e) Learning tutorials have been designed and expanded upon by Graham Healy on GUN DISARMS so the student has a reference 'point' for all techniques learned in classes 

While Graham Healy respects the various mentors and Masters along his self-defence learning journey , he reserves the right to remain INDEPENDANT from all other schools or systems in the true spirt of 'Bruce Lee' in absorbing what is usefull and disregarding the rest' .
The INTEGRATED COMBAT SOLUTION policy recognizes the 'skills & drills' of the various Masters and mentors ,however does not believe that Integrated Combat Solutions and its founder Graham Healy and his students are under any obligation whatsoever to affiliate or become a members of any other system be it Tae kwon Do ,Karate BJJ,Krav Maga,Kapap or any other business entity apart from our own business entity.
Any interaction with other organizations is done purely from a 'interactive learning experience' with no strings attached purely business transaction.
If Integrated Combat Solutions (Graham Healy) decides to mutually associate with any organization ,that is done on a mutually beneficial basis .
Business Entity's are kept seperate and totally independant for Legal and Taxation Purposes clear boundary guidelines lines are maintained in 'terms of engagements' and memo's of Understanding are to be written.
In the Event of Overseas Guests running workshops and seminars full business disclosure is expected and Australian Taxation Laws observed on all revenue earned .

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