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Healy's Commando Krav Maga

"As the Original founding Director of Commando Krav Maga in Australia in 2007 Graham Healy merged the CKM syllabus into Healy's Commando Krav Maga

then further refined the basics of HCKM into part of the syllabus of Intergrated Combat Solutions "

Original Founding Nationional Director
Of Commando Krava maga in Australia
Graham Healy

Graham Healy was the Original and AUSTRALIA'S FIRST national Director of Commando Krav Maga , its so easy to forget the people who established the original training platforms, spent the time and money, founding,helping and facilitating the system and then there was the  many 'hangers on' type people who try to 'walk over' and 'ride on the reputation' of others.

The 'Real TEST of so called REALITY TRAINING' is are the people that wanted all the 'official recognition (without any financial contribution)' from Moni Issac or myself still training ? and Still out there doing it ? thats the real Test.
Well after Graham Healy established CKM in Australia with Moni Issac in 2007 the 'would be if they could be's ' are no any longer around for some strange reason ? 

Although Graham Healy believes that Moni Isaac is a great Instructor and very systematic and 'simplistic' in his approach to 'reality self-defence' , Graham has also his own reputation and personal background to contribute to the overall picture, from the Personal Side of the equation myself and Moni 'hit it off' very well and I believe remain 'friends' (connected in the spirit), however from the business perspective, and the requirements to operate legally in Australian as far as ATO (Australian Tax office)guidelines ,and the purposes and legalities of foreign instructors operating businesses in Australia and definations and purposes of Visa's etc became too complicated and legally fraught with danger, so Graham Healy upon ATO advise and Legal advise seperated himself from the CKM business entity and created Healy's Commando Krav Maga and then further condensed down the elements of techniques to his over 'reality' version call Integrated Combat Solutions based on Graham Healy's Life experience and interactions with others over the last 40years.


INTEGRATED COMBAT SOLUTIONS a totally 100% Australian owned business and entity.
Graham Healy at the end of the day really only wishes to associate with a select 'hand picked' World class Instructors to 'absorb what is usefull' and disregard the rest (Brusce Lee) we do not have several lifetimes to learn all there is to learn in self-defence or martial arts so we just have to 'learn the essential basics' from the relevent martial arts to boil down the to the EFFECTIVE BASICS this is exactly what I did with the original Commando Krav maga , and actually this is what Moni Issac did based on his life experience.

Here is proof of the Founding Instructors of Commando Krav maga established in Australia 2007 by Graham Healy and Moni Isaac .Just in case anybody asks or doesn't believe the  effort Graham Healy spent financially and time wise organizing the foundational base of CKM in Australia which I have now EVOLVED into INTEGRATED COMBAT SOLUTIONS and its multdiamentional core elements of Healy's Boxing,Tae kwon Do, Basic Kick Boxing,and Healy's Commando Krav Maga = INTEGRATED COMBAT SOLUTIONS

Graham Healy
8th dan Founder


After the original Commando Krav maga Bootcamp Nov 2007, now in 2013 six years later after Graham Healy ran workshops Australia wide in 
Brisbane , Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.
He then consolidated the basic CKM Techniques and refined them to create Healy's Commando Krav Maga and refined the process further to create
Healy's INTERGRATED COMBAT SOLUTIONS which has the 'skills and drills' essence of Boxing, basic Kick boxing,Tae Kwon Do and CKM in a SAFE and user friendly system where the risk management and duty of care is brought into line with Australian national  education Standards . All techneques are taught by Graham Healy 
 based on learning the 'technique and skill' in a safe and 'non confronting' enviroment that everybody can enjoy male and female young and older.

The original Commando krav maga Boot camp with Moni Aizik (Issac) Nov 2007
National Director and organizer CKM Graham Healy 

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