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Arthur Jones Inventor Nautilus

In 1972 Arthur Jones invented the generation 1 Nautilus equipment. This was the birth of the high intensity pre exhaustion systems. Mike Mentzer, Sergio Oliver, Casey Viator were some of the initial body builders who tested Arthur Jones systems. Basically the workouts were all to failure no longer then 40 - 45 minutes 3 times a week. The reference point for the success of high intensity training is none other then the shadow Dorian Yates 6 times Mr olympia.

45 min 3 times a week!

High Intensity Training

Now I have been around the gym scene for over 40 years now and I know that most of the international and professional body builders are on steroids / Dianabol / HGH now thats the simple fact however the real results (without drugs which I totally advocate) are achieved irrespective by the high intensity system.
The fact is Dorian Yates only trained 3 sometimes 4 times a week for 40 minutes each session however as his muscle mass demonstrates he put on more muscle than any other body builder of his time.
Given that most body builders at the time were spending 2-3 hrs in the gym per session.

So what does this mean?
Development is directly proportional to intensity.

Now that being said I am not just talking about body building here intensity is relevant to the person their age and their capability for example a beginner you would ask them on a scale of 1 - 10 how hard is the exercise that they are doing 10 being the maximum.
They may start on an intensity level of 4 or 5 and in a few months time when their body adapts be at an intensity level of 8 or higher relevant to them.
Refer to some of our transformational challenge photographs on the Healy's website and see what you can naturally achieve with the right diet the right supplements and high intensity training.


The videos displayed on this page and the following page show some of the nautilus equipment and Dorian Yates most recent you tube uploads.

Special Note:
I repeat I am not just focusing on extreme level body building.
I am focusing on the methodology of the training relative to any level whether your a housewife wanting to lose weight and get into shape , a business man, a martial artist or a sports person the high intensity system can be adapted to all of the aforementioned.


Regarding Drugs in sport ?
The simple fact is that drugs have been used in sport irrespective of the fact whether you want to believe it or not as a former middle heavy weight olympic weight lifter at the Queensland lifting titles 1976 under olympic coach Neville Perry, I will tell you now that drugs are a common thing then and no doubt a common thing now.

I personally have never used any sought of drugs in sport, I never will and never reccomend anyone does, but I do understand at the professional international level why an athlete would be tempted to do so when only seconds make the difference between silver or gold and fame and fortune.

At the end of the day our results displayed on our websites are all natural athletes
and as most of us know that good genetics has a big part to play in all this but if you havent got the good genetics training and a good diet is number one.

Dorian Yates did not have the genetics that the current Mr Olympia Ronny Coleman has and therefore i believe the one athlete who has proven to the world that the high intensity method works and is the most time efficient method in our busy lifestyles.


Yours Faithfully,

Graham Healy

Diploma Sports Coaching and Fitness.
Former Middle Heavyweight Olympic weighlifter 1976 Queensland Titles.

Kristian-After 12 weeks

Lost 10kg Fat in 12 weeks! 

Micheal and Kristian both Clients of Graham Healy and trained on the HIGH INTENSITY System 3 times per week 45 minutes Gh

HEAVY DUTY  Mike Mentzer radio Interview With Bill Phillips

Casey Viator youngest Mr America Ever at 19 years of Age 

Dorian Yates trained 3 times per week (sometimes 4) on the Arthur Jones HIGH INTENSITY System here at his peak 1996 German Grand Prix 

My Good friend 1st Natural Mr. Olympia Keith Sydney Bullock
Gh (Keith is a life time Drug free athlete )

Tas and Janice High Intensity training by GH

Press the above NOW !

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