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Max On is GET BIG...FAST! 
MAX-ON has been developed for athletes who find it difficult to gain weight. MAX-ON will give a massive nutritional edge to those who need extra protein for recovery and growth as well as carbohydrates to support their extra energy needs. If you're sick of low quality weight gainers that yield little or no result Max-On is the product for you. With by far the best protein profile of any weight gainer on the world market you can be sure Max-On will deliver the results you're looking for.

MAX-ON also has added anabolic BCAA’s and the anticatabolic L-Glutamine giving your body the arsenal it needs for fast results. MAX-ON would be best suited to Hard Gainers, Young Trainers looking to increase body mass, Atheletes with high calorie expenditure, Pre season Footballers and as a Meal Replacement for those on the run.

MAX ON Protein GAINER 2kg

AU$104.95 Regular Price
AU$74.95Sale Price
  • A closer look at the proteins in MAX-ON

    Ion Exchange WPI - The purest form of protein available with an exceptional amino acid profile, the highest biological value and and the highest efficacy ratio of all protein sources.

    Ultra Filtered WPI - Super fast absorbing protein with a very high biological availability which is perfect for rapid absorption of aminos.

    Ultra Filtered WPC - Easily digested full spectrum Whey Protein Concentrate has a high biological value with medium release, and is naturally high in branch chain amino acids (BCAA’S).

    Ultra Filtered Casein - Anti-catabolic protein with a very slow absorption rate that keeps amino acids releasing into the bloodstream for many hours.

    Egg Albumen - Egg Protein is considered a nearly perfect source of protein because its amino acid pattern best matches that needed by humans.

    MAX-ON is designed to provide superior results by combining sustained release proteins with high quality carbohydrates for enhanced energy and growth.
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